Weather strips - still packaging

Hey. Never got chance to for these. But imported from Japan still in the wrapping. These are not the Mitsubishi genuine parts but are from the well known Facebook seller.

Cost quite a bit due to the import tax, and posting would be a pain In the arse so.
£250 Ono for the pair collected.

I’m LS25 leeds

Best put ur location in there

Oops! Done

Well known Facebook seller imported from Japan, which seller ?

Or might be China :). It’s been a year so can’t quite remember. They were $180ish + $150 import fee

Sure on import duty ?
Mine was £32.

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Admin Please can you remove these unwanted replies in a for sale post, thanks. It’s pretty irrelevant what other people paid.


If someone wants to buy these I’m sure they won’t be put off by the replies, there is no animosity in the replies, just statements of their purchases from the same seller.



I have seen that the seller sometimes adds shipping to the import dec and the import tax jumps up

Its not uncommon for somone to have been hit with 150

Either way its an in demand item


Are these still for sale?