Webshop Site Updates

I just thought i would let you all know that we have now started to do the updates to the shop that we have been promising for the last 20 years… well it seams like it… :wink: :wink:

This is going to be a on going process where we have set our selves a goal of 10 new items a day and as we have over 1700+ on our stock listing we have a fair few to go.

We have added 50 new items over the last few days and have also added some new categories too…

As always, if you cannot see what you give us a cal as it very possible we already have it in stock…

Hope you enjoy


Cheers Rob

about time too…but…

you’ve listed the Silkolene oil as semi-synthetic in the title, but 100% synthetic in the description :wink:

Good job Rob.

Can I order 300 of the dials at £0.00 please. Bet postage is going to be a lot :wink:

About time you did something instead of yakking on the blower all day…


Not sure if it’s due to your updates Rob but GTO and 3000GT Twin Turbo Pre-Cat Eliminator’s are also £0.00.



(Did my altenator belt arrive in yet by the way mate, I can see the end of the runnel in my rebuild process…)

What happened to setting yourself a goal of 10 new items a day then Rob? Everyday I log on to see what new goodies you are selling, only to find the website the same as the day before. :cry:

Please help me, this money is burning me! :wink:

I am spending more time sorting out the mistakes you lot keep finding… :lol: :lol: :lol:

Its a Saturday night and i am updating the web Site…

This is so sick… :evil: :evil: :evil:

here’s anotherone for ya: Mikalor stainless steel clamps £0.00




here’s anotherone for ya: Mikalor stainless steel clamps £0.00




But if you go to the drop down menu for the price then you get the individual prices, as the web site can do a from £?.?? to £?.?? in that particular place

We’re like the GTOUK QA team :smiley:


you got the n/a springs at the wrong price thier up for £169 im sure you said thier £119 ish :stuck_out_tongue:

The price on a Maft-Pro is wrong - I’m sure went said you were doing them for £50…:wink:

On a serious note. I can’t see your short shifter’s that you do - you still doing them or has it just disappeared into the depths of the site?

Just a thought - have thought about doing tuning packages in the same way as you have the service kits? Or brake packages in the same way?

I only had 100 Short shifters made, and i sold all those months ago…

How Ever James @ Amber had a quantity off me and i believe he may still have some if any body wants one… :lol:

I thought i would you you lot as a bug and fault finding development crew…

But i have now realised that i cannot trust you lot to tell me th correct prices any more… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Especially Sonic who Gearbox Parts are now going to Mars…

Cheers Rob

You need more engine bling, like the kit I spied just before it vanished :shock:


[quote]You need more engine bling, like the kit I spied just before it vanished :shock:


Oh did it disappear then… Muhahahahahaahahahahhah

Its all coming believe me…

well you now know what to save up for… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: