Website problem

Anyone else getting this on the EE website or is it just me

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Yeah, I saw something like this yesterday. Half the page displayed these messages and the other half showed the shop site.

its been like that since before christmas


I got that before I joined up and thought it was because I wasn’t a member here. It wouldn’t allow me to buy anything. I joined GTOUK last week and now have full access to this forum but just tried EE and I still get the same message??? Anyone out there got any clues coz I want to buy some bits and pieces.

Ring him or pm him …

You cant buy items direct of the site itself, you need to phone Rob to order stuff. The reason for this is down to the fact that many people dont realise that not everything is universal for our cars and it saves wrong parts being sent out. Also Rob like to deal with his customers direct so he can assist you in making the right choices (we as customers aint right all the time :wink: ).

The items on his site are only a scratch on the surface of what he has in stock or what he is able to obtain … pretty much everything as long as they still make it … if not then he will tell you where you can get what your after…

… Very helpfull bloke …

Hope this helps …


Did it dawn on you he might want to something from the cloub shop? :wink:




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:lol: :lol: :lol: ha :slight_smile: … sorry Steve if that was a bit confusing, i just really like that smiley and have never been able to use it and i was sitting here eating at the same time i was reading … just seemed suitable in my eyes lol … obviously more of a 1 man private joke … im a weirdo… Rob would confirm that :lol: …