Hi all,

As some of you know, me and Samantha are getting married in September this year. We are having a party after the wedding in a large venue, with entertainment etc, if anyone would be interested in coming along please PM me for details. It is a weekend event or you could just join us for the evening.

Plenty of easy parking for the cars. :smiley:

Many thanks,
Neil & Samantha.

Nice one Neil, well done mate :wink:
What’s the date mate?



congrats to both of you mate…

Congratulations. Mind you, first time I glanced at the post I thought it said WELDING.

Congrats to you both. You wait mate, she’ll suddenly turn into a gob on legs as soon as the ring is on her finger. :lol: :lol:

Mark. :slight_smile:

Will be there Neil, I agree with Mark though, I witnesed the potential once when she was drunk and we couldnt shut her up :lol:

I reckon you guys are spot on, I think you will see the drunken Sam starting on the wedding night :smiley:

All being well I should be there - can I bring a friend?

J :slight_smile:

Congrats buddy,

All the best for your future together.

Elton & Emma

Thank you everyone for your comments and yes feel free to bring a friend Janey, more people the better. Ill PM you the details etc.


Congratulations to you both

The first 30 years are the difficult Neil :lol:


all the best!


Congrats to both of you!

Congratulations :wink: