West Midland Monthly Meet

Meet is Sunday 18th Nov @ 1.30pm onwards

The Coach and Horses
Weatheroak Hill
West Midlands
B48 7EA

01564 823386


If you want to eat get there early as they stop serving food at 2.30pm, a few people were a little hungry last time.

I will be running this meet on Sunday’s only until it gets lighter in the evenings.


I would definately come.
I have my son that day until 7, I drop him off in redditch and can make it after that if you are all still there.
As a side note I think I already know the answr to this…
Would you go unichip/dastek route or MAFT Pro?
Think generally MAFT Pro is the way to go…

Thanks for keeping me in the loop. btw have my son every other weekend and would be there without fail if you can make the meets to accomodate. Know this is a strange request being as I am a brand new member, but in December the 8th and 22nd would mean I can make it any time. Pretty sure general consensus would be the 15th so don’t arrange anything around me. Just letting you know the dates and reason for my not being able to make it at half 1 start.

Thanks again,

[quote]I would definately come.
I have my son that day until 7, I drop him off in redditch and can make it after that if you are all still there. [/quote]

I think after 7pm would be a little late, it usually only lasts about 3 hours, so we would be all gone by about 4.30pm, you can bring him with you if you like!


good call,

Will pop down for an hour or so if children are allowed in. (he is 3 and I don’t know if his concentration would cope with too much longer.


I had my 2 and 4 year old come last time :wink:

Bit cold to be playing outside now though.


Should be there if all is well with my moody car. Managed to break the aerial today :frowning:

You’re back from the caribbean then :wink:


So who’s coming then? So far just 3 of us?


Mark , i wont be there as car still not on the road !!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

I’ll be there going to come on my own though…
See you Sunday (may be after 1:30pm though)

Dave :slight_smile:

i will come, i may be able to drag mr in-sane down if he is not working…


woke up this morning, some toe rags had covered my car in flour and brown sauce. They had some bottle as my car was in the car port a fair way from the road. spent 4 hours cleaning the crap off :twisted:

Only made the meet for 3. guess people had gone by then given the weather.bit of a shame was looking forward to meeting you


You missed me by 40 minutes

I turned up at 1.40 no one there, so I waited until 2.20 and went home as no point having a meet on my own :wink:


never mind.

Cannot make xmas do so meet you next time if we have one this side of xmas…