What Category is security fitted as standard on '95 3000Gt?

Please help

bit of a teaser for you experts on here, who i know have an encyclopaedic knowledge of every single option and specification ever on these unique vehicles

my problem is that it almost doubles my insurance quote on GoCompare.com if i select “factory fitted” in the drop down box

instead of thatcham category 2 alarm/immobiliser system

from £318 fully comp with Sainsburys bank (of all people) to 600 - odd with some other insurer

(age 37 , five years NCD,owns other vehicles,4000 mile annual limit)

quite a variation. theres a £1000 excess on the cheap quote but i can live with that …

a bargain even at 600 some younger owners might say, but if this £300 difference is the case then i could have a cat 1 alarm put in and the saving on the insurance would effectively pay for it straightaway :shock: !

this is the 3000gt uk car and i would have thought the standard security on a top spec motor would be pretty good as far as technology would allow , back in the mad bad cool brittania mid 1990’s, but does it qualify as Thatcham cat 2 ? (which i think just about every car must have as a bare minimum these days)

Yes whats the point of electronic suspension etc if the security is easily breached with a hammer and screw driver and your twin turbo ends up driven down the road

by a hoodey out of his tiney mind on a lethal cocktail of liquid ecstacy and supermartkets own brand strong white cider :twisted:

did they skimp on this or is it just technology moving on

think back to '95 most people didnt even have a mobile phone, pc, or flat panel telly. men still fancyed princess di and the term M.I.L.*. hadnt even been invented anyway and no-one had heard of Toby Blair :shock:

and this car cost as much as 2 small houses :lol:

what would that make it now, half a million quid :shock:

anyway im picking it up later this week so would like to get the cover organised on the net before i collect it

the current owner is pretty sure its a factory fitted alarm which works and there is a light that comes on when you lock it.

do you think it would qualify as a cat2? :?:

Or would i be lying on my proposal if i said i thought it was and thus invalidate the policy if it gets nicked :?:

should i just tell em its gonna be a cat 1 and get one of these put in asap, would they notice from the alarm installation certificate thingy that the date didnt match the policy :?:

(sure they would if the car was pinched in the intervening period!) :frowning: :lol:

Rutland is a very sleepy area, boring yes but relatively low in crime

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fair play to 'em i suppose :lol:

anyway i digress

I have done a bit of research and it is apparently also possible to upgrade a cat 2 to a cat 1 for example by adding to a vehicles existing security system. would this work on a 3000gt or is it more complicated than that

Most companies fitting alarms on the net seem to be either operating only within the M25 or hideously expensive on the other hand

but theres a place at newark that would be a quick thrash up the A1 for me which seems to do very competitively priced fitted systems

cant remember what its called sorry but any recommendations in this area? :?:

i suppose £200 is my budget on getting a basic upgrade to cat 1, would this be adequate do you think or would that be a P*ss poor job

rather not get it done yet in a way im busy enough as it is without being a complete slave to this car’s needs :lol:

doesnt have to be the best with remote start and all that, just to get me cheap insurance and a bit more peace of mind while i lie snoreing under my duvet

anyway thanks for reading my problem and hope to hear some words of wisdom from you soon

all the best

Wow what a post, certainly starting off big :wink:

Welcome to the club though mate, Julian on the site give me some pointers when choosing my own alarm, in around the 250-300 mark should sort you out with a pretty good Cat 1 system from what I see.

Be interesting to see what info folks have to say about the standard security though, I had some form of what looked like an aftermarket Cobra immobiliser type system fitted but it could well have been OEM installed?


My 1999 3000gt has a (sales lit) standard

Electronic Immobillser (engine)
Electronic time and alarm control system (etacs)

no mention of a cat 2 alarm,

just get a cat 1 fitted, you can then go to more insurance comapnies and get the price down

i am paying around £400 with social and business, with 150 excess


I have an Import GTO (well for now anyway) and got a cat 1 fitted within 2 days of picking the car up. Imports tend to be a little more to insure but I’m paying £491 fully comp, about the same age (36) and in Leicestershire. Insured with Sky with GTOUK club membership discount :wink:

sorted i shopped around a bit and have got a First Alternative policy lined up for just under £400 with the standard security system. didnt seem to make any difference on some sites what security you had it came up the same price anyway,perhaps they know its already pretty good

my quote includes legal cover but the excess is going to be a grand, £500 compulsory& 500 voluntary :shock:

but i maybe tinker about with that figure a bit before i make my final policy decision

would just be nice to stay in the sub 400 pound bracket :lol:

shouldnt skimp on it but its money for old rope unless you do actually have a smash

many thanks for taking time to read my long rambeling post and for the advice

insurance, boring boring. but necessary.

takes some time organising this car buying stuff

but hope to be out on the roads soon