What do people think of this?

I have been looking at this car:

Do people think this is legitimate? Also the guide price seems very low if it is what they say it is?

Check the mot history that’s not original mileage , 3000 mile mark it has low tread on tyres and also later on three years later it’s covered 6 mile then has low pad thickness I’m heavy on tyres and brakes but that’s good going even in my book :+1: no way that’s legit


Does the CCA have a good reputation? It would seem odd that if the car’s history had been so obviously falsified that would allow it to be sold through them.

Never heard of them tbh

But if you had a 12k mile car would you expect to see certain things changed under the bonnet like the y pipe , aftermarket horns placed under there , aftermarket wheels , white dials on the interior , different rear garnish ? Along with that the mot issues , then when it was first mot’d in this country it had 999 mile

Not worth what they are asking I don’t think

I think its been clocked when it was imported.


Wheels look odd, too big maybe but she appears to be in very good condition . Mileage is obviously incorrect .


Seen this one on a you tube video if I remember correctly. If its a decent car then its worth the money, rust wise, general mechanical condition but no way in my book is it a 12k miler, if it is it has been devalued by the add on bits.
I think the guy who bought it on y t paid around 8k for it, maybe less.
A proper genuine 12k miler in appropriate condition ie spotless would be 18-20 k I reckon. Look at what the mitsy collection car went for and that was not spotless.

Says 12k indicated which means they are not stating it as the actual milage

Sometimes its worded as the clocks say 12k, which is true as they came from a 12k car but this car will have over 100k on it. Think this sold 6 months ago with a 99 rear garnish and better wheels. It was dodgey then

All depends on the price. If it’s cheap enough and running well, take a chance on it.

You’d have to put a battery strap on it for the MOT, if it got a new one without, what else is there lurking.

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Thank you for the input everyone. I don’t know if it’s me but I am extremely cautious when buying cars like this. Once it becomes common knowledge that certain makes/models are appreciating in value, unscrupulous people start buying them and then attempt to sell them on. It’s why I don’t bother with anything on eBay, so many idiots trying to be businessmen on there.

I think I will just have to hold out until something comes up from a member of the owners club. Maybe I am too cynical but I find it very difficult to trust people these days. I am not expecting cars to be perfect, I just want people to be honest.:unamused:


One option is to maybe phone the dvla and see if they have any records before 2007 to see if the mileage has any discrepancy .long shot but worth a try


Hey everyone,
I new I had seen this car somewhere before, I found the youtube video I watched of it.

LOW MILEAGE Mitsubishi GTO TWIN TURBO! Did I Buy it?