What have I done?

Hi everyone,
Yep I’ve just bought a GTO N/A 1997 with a few subtle mods on. Pretty much 100% certain the GTO was owned by a fellow GTOUK user name Fletch-plasterer1. The guy that I just purchased it from said he bought the car last August and he travelled from lincoln to abergele in wales. So I checked the for sale section on this site and low and behold their it was, pretty much describes the GTO I’ve just bought. Boy is it loud with the decat straight through drainpipes on the back, not my cup of tea but hey ho not using the car much maybe once or twice a month if this dreadful weather continues.

Service history a bit patchy will be needing a 56,00mile Cam Belt Service Kit and a radiator as it looks a bit dodgy (green blue puss coming out of it) that’s for another thread though, see ya all there.

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Welcome , first thing everybody will ask You is pictures :grinning:

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Is it this one by any chance:

I just fixed the images in that post

Yep I know but the car is under a car cover at the mo on my drive and with this wind I’ve used masking tape to keep it flying off because the cover has already come off last week, only had the GTO 3 days and it got caught up on the rear wiper arm and snapped it. So early in owning a GTO I didn’t know were to source a part and looked on ebay and all that did was come up with wiper blades. So I ordered the part from Mitsubishi 44 of your english pounds please (:¬(

Hello and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

Ask away with any problems or anything you wish to know and get some photos up for the guys and girls


Craig :smile:

Yep that’s the one looks real nice I have to say :yum:


It’s a beauty if its the one Dean linked to. Your best bet for parts is @GSXRKID. His name is Rob and he runs Evil Empire Performance. Give it a google and find his website. Should find most parts you need and if not give him a ring. He will probably tell you about the last 5 people who owned your car so make sure you have a spare hour. :joy:
But he knows his stuff and well worth chatting to.

Been there done that. Thanks for the info anyway. I’m almost ready to put my order through, I’ve selected the GTO and 3000GT Air- Con and Alternator Belt, Genuine Mitsubishi Basic 56,000Mile Cambelt Service Kit, Engine Oil Change Kit With K&N Filter GTO and 3000GT, GTO and 3000GT MK2 Genuine Mitsubishi Water Radiators 1993-2000, GTO and 3000GT Water System Thermostat.

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Order received and processed with many thanks…

Was nice to have the opportunity to have a chat with you

Since i looked at Deans post i do remember the car well and its been around the club for many many years and was looked after unlike a lot of others that were not.

Will have a look and see what i can find for you on my system regarding what’s been done to it for you and get back to you.

Regards Rob

And also Many thanks to Max for the referral, your now up to half a packet of biscuits commission !! :smiley:

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Come off the production line on the 2/5/1997 and has a Paint code of A71A so is a pearlescent version of your colour too

Welcome along to the club dude :slight_smile:

Thanks for that paint code rob, there is two areas that need addressing one underneath the spoiler a deep scratch that someone has tried too polish out which made it worse and the other area is on the front bumper with another quick bodge repair using their fingers to repaint it :confounded:

Yep, you’ve acquired a lovely piece of Mitsubishi history. This car is an above average example, enjoy it fella.


Make them chocolate coated hobnobs Rob!

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Hi, I bought this on 19/10/2015 from a guy who bought it on 11/05/2015 who said he’d done a lot of miles. No kidding :slight_smile: Think it had about 89000 on it when I bought it. It came with the timing belt kit and water pump in with the price of £1850 … which was nice. I needed to do some welding on the 4 jacking points … these cars are heavy and I hate seeing people use them too often to lift the car. I also got around to fitting the timing belt,water pump,fitted rev3 lifters (all), spark plugs, air filter, 4 new quality tyres ( the ones on it I’m sure were made of plastic :slight_smile:, almost all the pulleys (including the harmonic) as someone had forgotten to replace the engine side cover :rage: which shortened the life of the bearings. Fitted a cat from a shogun and modded the flanges (saved a fortune). Replaced a wheel bearing which did NOT want to come out without a lot of “persuasion” . I put verniers on the cams and found they were in mint condition. The timing belt was not looking too clever and the tensioner pulley had been fitted upside down … I kid you not. YET it still ran perfectly. It starts and fires up better than any car I’ve owned … ie on the first rev of the starter and runs sweet as a nut. I did a lot of searching about for parts when needed and saved a fortune. I even bought stuff from the Ukraine :slight_smile: The handling is superb and love powering around corners. Like it so much I changed the number plate to P22 GTO as a treat. I bought it as a winter car but like the odd summer spin … as you do. My other daily is an S2000 so I have a nice “choice”. I’m even contemplating a full respray to bring it back to full glory. The big scratch is still there under the rear spoiler :slight_smile: soon to be attended to. These cars have got street presence especially when lowered 40mm :wink:

A little history http://forum.gto.club/t/mk3-sr-lightweight-version-sold/39400


Now that’s a thread revival


have you still got it buddy

Yep. Sure have matey

i enjoyed ownership and it was a fun car to drive,my only n/a out of 5 gto.for a silver car boy did it shine,and obviously being a mk3 stood out from the crowd anyway.i got the interior changed to leather and changed and refurbished the alloys.
im pleased its within the club and maybe someday see it once again.i hope it gives you as much pleasure as it did me

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Great stuff mate. I’ve got 2 guys at work fighting each other to buy it off me when I decide to sell. Haven’t got he heart to tell them they’ve got a very long wait :slight_smile: