What is ULR not valid?

Yet again i try to upload my pics onto profile but it keeps saying Ulr not valid?
Have done what it said in image shack and got the codes for forums and websites etc, but no luck . I notice my bbc codes are off does that need to be ON and if so how do you get it on?

the link is in my profile but i never seem to suss this out.


URL invalid

When you change or put a new picture in your avatar or signature, the site down loads the picture to see if it’s to big.

Reason you would get URL invalid is because the address of the picture you gave it was typed incorrectly.

Try putting same address in the address bar in you browser, and see if you can see the picture, on its own with no extra text etc, the URL (Address) should wend with .gif or .jpg, it it end .html then it it incorrect. It should also start http://

If it is for your signature said URL should be put within image tags like http://URL/picture.jpg

Hope this helps.

If you still can’t work it out put the address in a message here and I will look and see.


Ok Mark will do i’ll sort out the pics again from image shack thanks mate .


I would use photobucket Ray, far more reliable, I have found.

I did download that once Ian but never used it but if it is more reliable then i will do that as image shack seems quite easy to use but their url links etc you get don’t seem to work without involvement.