What mk2 bits fit mk1

Hi all, I’m new on here and just purchased a mk1 gto tt.
I’m wanting to make a few adjustments such as adding a subtle lip kit and other bits.

Anyway I like the rear garnish on the mk2 and was wondering whether it would go straight onto the mk1?

If any1 can help me with locating a lip kit please get back to me.

I will also be needing help with a few other things such as suspension etc

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

All the rear bumpers are compatible and the rear garnish, I have the mark 2 on mine but you can also fit the mark 4.
Side skirts are also compatible, again I have mark 2 on mine.
As for the front end mark one lights are pop ups and mark 2 onwards are not so look out for that when changing the front end.

The front lip is from KAZE but as you can see it needs repairing, opps

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Apart from the front bumper and lights all parts are swapable , there have been modified bumpers done which have been MKII lower fabricated onto the upper part of a MKI to retain the pop ups also it has been done with a MK4 bumper .

If you wanted to you could go the whole hog and do a full on 99 conversion which means removing your lights and welding in the headlight buckets for the 99 lights and fitting that kit (it is a bit more indepth than that ) theres a few on here that were previously MKI’s

Basically you options are endless as long as you have the cash

Craig :smile:

Awesome info guys! That is also the front lip i am wanting.
That gto looks gorgeous, i love it!!

Im not wanting to go all the way with a conversion would like to do more or less exactly what martyn has done.

any info on lazy eye lights?
i see some people have lights on when in lazy eye mode, do you actually get enough light coming out?

Be warned, the KAZE lip is a really crap fit it will need a lot of work

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It’ll be worth it in the end!
What suspension setup do you have?
Any advice on suspension but keeping costs low.

Mine come over from Japan with tein suspension with a drop of 3 inch, ■■■■■■ solid no movement what so ever :grin: