What type of fuel shall I use for gto n/a

Hi I have been using shell vpower for my n/a gto for some time but I’ve been told it’s a waste of money coz it ain’t a twin turbo, so shall I switch to regular unleaded fuel ?

Yep standard 95 RON works perfectly fine.

V power hasnt done it any harm atleast.

I see reason why I use vpower coz I been told u get more mpg than standard 95ron vpower is 99ron, coz vpower is £139.9 per litre standard unleaded I’m shell is £1.32 per litre

The reason behind the octane numbers for fuels is their resistance to knock / detonation.

You would only get better mpg with v-power if your motor was detonating at cruise with the normal stuff.

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Interesting, so do U think I should stick to 95ron unleaded ? My gto is a non turbo import it’s not like it’s running on turbo boost lol

Shell V-power is not just all about higher octane. It has engine cleaning properties and advanced friction reducing ingredients in too. It’s all round better for your engine than standard cheap supermarket fuel.

I want my engine running as long as possible so along with using the best parts I use the best fuel. Marginal gains wherever possible!

That sounds straight out of the Shell marketing brochure to me, but each to their own.

I think both you have got a point but on a non turbo there is no need for v power or similar.
I got mine mapped on 95 Ron and still made 427 bhp and 425 nm torque with no knock at 1 bar.
But at the end of the day use what makes you comfortable and happy with.we all have our personal do and don’t do list.
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Correct me if im wrong, but i remember hearing that most jap imports were mapped for higher octane from factory as that’s what they use over there. so saying that, i presume it would be best to use it.

Personally on any of my NA cars and bikes I have owned, ive never felt the need to run higher octane, but they have always been UK spec.


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Yes but don’t forget it’s higher octane from 25 years ago! Fuel improved a lot since.


V power is tops from my p o v other main brands good, but would never use supermarket stuff, l use fule line cleaner and octaine booster from Royal Purple to help stop build up of gums, laquers etc.

Possibly but they can’t market it that way if it’s false.

MON (Motor Octane Number) is the real figure you need when looking for fuel, unfortunately none of the main UK petrol suppliers quote this (although they all are around 86-87 MON), where as premium 95 unleaded MUST BE at least 85 MON - a whopping 1-2 MON point difference between normal UL and super dooper V-power nitro+ ‘as tested and approved by Ferrari’ fuel.

Mythical 100 RON Japanese fuel from the late 90’s typically has a MON rating of 86-87 MON.

Also the ethanol content in different pump fuels can vary, 10% ethanol will give you more ‘effective octane’ than just the 5% found in standard UL specifications - however UK petrol suppliers have no assurances on how much ethanol you can expect above 5%.


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