What's going on


So I thought i would start a post of events people are attending this year

We can the get a post with them all in date order

AGM 5 May
Japfest - 6th May 2018 , Silverstone Circuit

Japfest Donington -30th June 2018,

JAE August 30 – September 2


They are all in the Events Section on Homepage which can be added to as and when.


But who is going to what and most importantly who is organising what, needs some Member input I guess.



There is a Monthly Essex Meet on the very last calendar Tuesday of each month


Don’t forget Classic and Rest show at the NEC 23/25 March.


I have seen on fb that Jae this year is only a 3 day event.
I know as a club we only do 3 days with the 4th being the set up day.
In the post it was unclear if Thursday would still be used to set up, or if clubs would not be able to access the event untill Fri.
Could make it alot of work for setting up, and getting the most out of the event.


Had a chat with Simon about this very thing last night mate , plans are being put into place :+1:


I am planning to do a social event at clumber park this summer if the numbers of attendees are good. BBQ and good 80’s music. Camping will be available. More details to follow. If interested then please let me know.

Cheers Ian.


Would definitely be interested Ian.
Depending on dates of course.


Sounds good Ian, like Jensen said though depending on dates for other events and parrot sitters as always :bird:



Would be interested in japfest Donnington on the 30th, will there be a club stand
Also will it be full weekend at the JAE with club stand or just do a day.


Hi Dave

Unfortunately like all events someone needs to arrange it, if someone wants to do that the club will be there