Wheel hub removal front drivers side 3000GT

This week end ill be tackling the buggered wheel bering on my GT
I have found many instructions on what the steps are but what I need to know is are there any road blocks I can expect?

Believe the tools needed are 32mm socket for the main bolt
Remove brakes
14mm for the 4 back bolts
Remove the ABS sensor
Now will I need a hub removal tool to get it off the shaft as I can imagine that part is going to be the hard part

If you have had to do this yourself share your tips

Thanks guys


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Looking to get it done after payday :slight_smile:

But need to do this this weekend :flushed:

So… For anyone that needs help doing this…

3 problems I had getting this off today…

Brake disk rusted onto the hub. Would not come loss even if I used the 2 screw holes and hitting it with a soft hammer had no effect, wd40 was used also and left to sock overnight.

The only way I was able to get the disk off was to crowbar it off from the back and it popped off.

Next problem was the 4 bolts at the back of the hub… 17mm and you can’t get a socket on them so closed end spanner it is…

Be prepared to be getting them off for some time as there tight and access is limited after you get them out so fare.

You can push the driveshaft in a little to give you room to get the spanner in but again it’s tight.

After there out the next problem was getting to hub off

It will be stuck on there and will not move.

The way I got my one off was to take a little cutting disk to 2 of the corners and cut a lip into the hub. This way you can get a flat headed screw driver in there and hammer it into the space.

Doing this I was able to get the hub off

Putting everything back together was much easyer.

And the noise is now gone. :slight_smile: