Wheel offset advice

Hi everyone,

just wondering what the ideal offset is for a set of wheels. Dont want them sitting out past the wings. Stock BBS atm but just fancy a set of 5 or 6 spoke wheels. Any info greatly appreciated

From memory it’s et35 on our cars

Thanks colin , I know my stock wheels are 17 x 7.5 et 46 so 35 sounds about right.

It also depends on the spoke design too

Just because one wheel can fit with ET35 does not mean another will…

I recently waited nearly a year for a one off set of Rota wheels to arrive only to find the rears didn’t fit. Lucky for me they are sorting this out at no expense to myself

That is the main reason i sell Rota’s as the ones listed on my website have been proven to fit and without any spacers

as rob says our cars a pretty hard to get a wheel to fit .most wheel mania wheels fit ok and evo wheels . but best to try before you buy if you can . the likes of xxrs like mine are et20 so stick out but I have arch extensions on to compensate for that .

Thanks for the info guys. I’m led to believe from a local supplier that belleni condor drifts 18 x 8.5 et 30 Are Pretty Near Perfect So I Might Go With Those. Thanks again.

yea they look simiar to the kai racing I used to have and fitted no probs without spacers

Hi quick question I’m planning on getting cruze alloys on mine! It says on ebay they fit a gto with no problems! Do they actually fit?

don’t know mate don’t know what they look like .

Hi all , I’ve just discovered that my car has two different rear springs so I am pondering whether to go stock or lowering springs . The front seems to be lowered already but I’m not sure. Thoughts on lowering much appreciated. Thanks

Set of teins is the most usual way on original shock, green ones or gold ones. I have a set of powder coated oe springs for sale if of interest [presuming tt]
Otherwise coil overs tein or bc. Rob has those.

Thanks for the reply mate, my car is an mr so apparently i would have t go with eibach for some reason which unfortunately are nearly twice the price.

I have put bilstein shocks with tein springs on the rear of my sr car which is a z15 no rear wheel steer which l presume is the same as yours.
But my mr car has bc, s on all round so they will fit on the back.
I also have lots of spare spring plates and parts in different sizes so maybe l can help if you wish.

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Few more photos

Clean looking car mate, gonna have to get it back up on stands again and see exactly whats what. If I decide to stay stock I’ll get in touch. Thanks fo the moment.