When is a GTO not a GTO?

I had an email from the Privilege motor insurance people a week or two ago, addresed to “GTO owner Rob”.

Fair enough, I thought. I’ll spend a few minutes online getting a quote. The small print said they were underwritten by Direct Line, with whom the car was insured for its first 2 years in the UK.

I filled in the form and got a quote about £200 less than I was currently paying to Ensign. It said to phone them if the car had any modifications to confirm the final premium. So I did.

Almost the first thing the young man who took the call asked was whether the car was an import. I told him it was and he replied that they don’t insure imports!!!

I told him:

  1. Their underwriters insure imports.

  2. All Mitsubishi GTOs are imports. The UK made ones are called the 3000GT.

So why does their stupid website encourage me to waste my time? Aaarrgghhh !!

I got a quote from Churchill which is part of the same group as Direct Line as I was already with them, what a real rip off but they would insure me. So yes they do insure Imports they just don’t like to :evil:

Don’t Churchill guarentee to beat your renewal premium?

alot of the numptys in the call centres don’t have a ■■■■■■■ clue what they are talking about, I filled in various online places last renewal, one of the companies whose name escapes me phoned me to try and chase up business, they reconfirmed the details and they guy reduced the price to £30 less than my best other quote, I thought about it for a couple of days then phoned them back to be told by 3 different people that they don’t insure imports and that the quote I was given wasn’t for an import but a UK GTO. fine says I, its your loss, thanks for wasting my time.
went back to basildon with the price I had been given and got them to knock off £120 :smiley:

£300 more than Sky plus I would need to fit a tracker. It was the tracker that put the nail in the coffin.