Where is my clutch fluid going?

Hi, hope someone can solve this for me or offer some possibilities.

My Gto is my daily driver and when using it I do about 100 miles a week(mostly in traffic so clutch gets a lot of use). A few weeks ago the betting point dropped to the floor and would engage almost instantly. I noticed the clutch fluid was gone so I topped up and pumped it and everything was fine. Since then I now have to top the clutch fluid up once a week. I check for signs of leak but haven’t found any. Excedy clutch.



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I don’t know but if you can’t see any in the engine bay where the slave cylinder is it might be leaking out of the back of the master cylinder. Try feeling around the clutch pedal at the top and see if there is any fluid there. I do hope the master cylinder is not a remote item and have made an a*se of myself :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Terry :sunglasses:


Mine did that it was the slave cylinder ,if you can get the battery and the battery tray out you can see it quite easy , my engine casing below the slave cylinder was full of fluid ,

Ok il have a look at it in the morning. Battery is relocated in the boot so should be easy to get to. Thanks.

Any news?

Did you find the leak?

No joy. Felt all round the master cylinder and up near top of clutch pedal and it’s dry as a bone.

slave cylinder mate

Make sure the flexi pipe is not leaking also between the master and slave cylinder, as that is another known problem for the clutch

Cheers Rob

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Get someone to depress the clutch pedal while you take a good look at the master to slave fluid line. It’s a sneaky one this, the fluid will squirt out under pressure all over the rear bank and will burn off, making it look like nothing’s wrong.
Good luck with finding the leak.


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Il have it on the lift at the weekend, so il take a good look all round and see if I can find the leak. I didn’t think about it burning off before I could notice so that gives me confidence I will find it.

Thank you


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@GSXRKID, hi Rob, I spoke to you a few months ago after I had just bought that dodgy yank ecu (jester chromed). And noone will go near it with a barge pole. Do you know anyone who has used one before and had it mapped/tuned in UK?


I have one too, Taken it out now as it’s useless to me as i don’t have a clue how to use it.

Spoke to Ben at Eurospec about it a while ago and he said he can tune it but he won’t guarantee the tune and can’t guarantee that it won’t blow up due to the shoddy programming of the ROM itself.

I know someone who has a programmable ECU and has tuned it, but I don’t know if he would tune someone else’s.

Sorry I can’t be of more help to you Luke.

I hope you find someone who will tune it for you.


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Cheers Andy, I spoke to Ben earlier and he said the same, I may see if I can sell it back to an American who can try and make some use of it, and go buy an AEM,

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Hi Luke

Give me a call again before you do anything…

Cheers Rob

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Can someobody show me photo to see where exactly you put clutch fluid as im having the same issue thanks