Which model ?,


Help people,

Just a quick easy one for you guys what model will my car be if it’s awd aws manual non turbo is that the z15a model just for buying bits, implant I jdm twin turbo dig kit from the states eventually but I want to full forge the block ready for the turbos.

I understand this is a hell of a lot if work but I can’t seem to find a tt lessbtha 15k that’s nice or not a got box there doesn’t seem to be any models in between so decided upon buying a nice non turbo and taking on a project so I may ■■■■ a few people off with questions as I domt know alot about these cars ? So I apologise in advance.


Hi Marty
4ws models came with a z16a chassis number as Jerry stated in your last post.
There is a huge amount of technical advice that is opened up to you if you purchase full membership, which is available from the club shop.
Full membership also allows you to join the club stand at events.
Looks like a big project you are looking to take on, there are lots of knowledgeable members here that I’m sure will be able to help with advice as you go.
We have a project and restoration category, this is great for looking back on and keeping a record of everything you do with your car.
Good luck with the project and look forward to seeing it.


Is that the same with TT models? Cant remember what my chassis number is but I just assumed mine has 4ws


I think all the th models were awd aws mate just wasmt sure about the non turbos.



Yes mate z16a =4ws


All gto and 3000gt are awd. American market had 2wd models.
Not all are 4ws though. Some na had it some not.
Same with tt.


Thanks Jensen,

I plan on becoming a full member definately but I am offshore by Norway and the bank has stopped my card for fraud happens 3 times a year! D***heads.



Ah I see cool so.i got a decent n.a. model then happy with that!



I’ve got a feeling my silver one hasnt got 4ws :frowning:


Some people prefer non 4ws mate.
To be honest my na and tt both had it. I like it especially on a big roundabout and you give it some toe and feel the back end move :joy:
But I have never driven one hard without it to compare.


Thought I had seen that car before. Pm sent.


Pretty sure it hasn’t got it, as I’ve drove the black one I’ve got and its really noticeable on that


If you have it on the silver one might not be working mate?


I’ll have to get under it and have a look next time I’m.up there