Which tyres to use

Not sure is it best to use pierlli run flat tyres or budget tyres can be used ?
Does it make diffence in driving ?
Guys please help

Your probably going to end up with a huge difference of opinion. On the rear of mine i have uniroyal rainsport but thats due to the width not being supplied by cheaper alternatives. On the fronts i have jinyu which as you can tell are a budget and is there a difference from the goodyear that was on there previously?? Not the way i drive and that includes in the wet. I do have some spirited moments as we all do but i havent track tested them which may change my mind about the budget end. Before buying the jinyus i read reviews and they only had one poor one from a guy who owned a civic type r saying he could light them up in any gear. Tbh i think most of us could do that with any tyre so i took the plunge after reading hundreds more saying they were great for everyday use. They are wearing well havent lost their wet grip where as budgets i have had on previous cars have been lethal on anything other than bone dry. I usually buy the best rated i can find at the best price. I think all sites show the ratings and some of the budgets appear to be performing aswell as the more well known brands

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Thanks for your reply beacuse i hardly drive mine so thought if i can find anything cheaper
Would i be able to put run flat on my gto,?
When i was about to buy it says check if they are suitable before buy?

Not really had experience of them tbh a mate had them on a bm and i “believe” the suspension is setup for them as they are apparently a pretty hard ride. Why do you want run flats specifically? Maybe as useful to get tyre sludge if u dont fancy changing a wheel on the side of the road? Otherwise see if anyone else uses them but i dont remember seeing it mentioned

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Ran Yokohama , Vredsteins and Hankook on my motor over the years

The grip on a standard car the yoko’s were top notch only downside being sticky soft rubber they didnt last long , The vredsteins i switched too when i fitted the inovits on there , they were a good all round tyre but giving it some grief from the line when tuned they didnt like it and i used to get a lot of crabbing and shakey handling , once i put the hankooks on while they would still light up the handling became more predictable

Hope that helps a little

Craig :slightly_smiling:


Run flats are a complete waste of money… One you get a puncture, yeah you can drive 50mph for 50 miles, but if you don’t know anyone in the tyre industry then it won’t be getting repaired. Couple that with the harder ride and the fact that they cost around 30% more than standard,… Dont waste your money.

You really do get what you pay for with tyres. Imo, the fact that this is the only bit touching the road it’s not worth skimping.

Budgets - if you don’t drive hard at all then there is nothing wrong with these at all. They are usually a harder compound which gives you the milage but reduces grip. As someone has said they are useless in the wet. Even if you don’t drive hard, there may still be that time you need to stop quickly in the wet…

I’ve had many good brands over the years… Pirelli have always been my favourite as I’ve found them to be the best in the wet. Good years offer excellent all round grip but I didn’t get the mileage out of them. I’ve recently gone to Michelin and would rate them as the best I’ve had so far but not sure on mileage yet. I’ve always wanted to try yokohamas but never had the joy but I’ve only heard good things about grip.

Having said that, these have all been on my daily drivers… Honda, ford’s and bmws. I’m currently running continental on the gto and can’t fault them.

Personally I will never buy budgets again (did in my younger, poorer years).

What is worth mentioning is the milage part. If your gto only sees a few miles each weekend then I wouldn’t worry about buying a tyre to cover the miles as the chances are they will perish before you wear them out…

Just my thoughts.


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