White Gto,Cambridge?

Remember seeing a white gto in Cambridge, cherry Hinton area, near the robin hood traffic lights.

This was the first day i picked up my car, about 2 weeks back and desperately wanted to wave lol, anyone from here in this area??

@intothedepths_jc would be the owner of that one mate

Yes it’s me. I was probably visiting another member in cherry hinton or just going home from work.

Where do you live mate ?

  • John

Ahhhh sweet, wasn’t expecting a reply tbh lol ! I Live pretty much opposite near the queen edith school.

Where about are you guys from? Guessing might be seeing each other more often than not.

I’m in Duxford mate…won’t be seeing me for a while, cars on axle stands at the moment. If your car will be ready , have a chat with @NAS and see if he can squeeze you into the birthday bash meet in July…awesome get together!

Yeah would be nice, see how the car goes first once its fixed. Getting antsy now. Most likely see you on the roads in the future :slight_smile:

Ah yeah I know where the school is, PM me your number and we can start up a chat and we can have a little get together and take a look at each others cars if you like. Mines still a work in progress but its on the road! Also I will introduce you @petarfam who lives not far away. I helped him out and he helped me recently. Members helping members is what makes the club go round :slight_smile:

  • John

@ms8leach lives in Cambridge too

Yay another one…Cambridge taking over :smile:

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