Who has my old GTO nowadays?

Sold it (kept it in the club) a number of years ago and wondered what had happened to it now? It was in awesome condition and I took care of it, carefully modding it after bringing it over from Japan… and sold it to another club member before buying it back off him a few years later…

Then I sold it again and now wonder if its still knocking about?

First time I sold it to Poor Bricky then the second time to TigiChamp

Would love to still see it looking as good!

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Tigchamp is still around although I don’t recall seeing him post a picture of this car. Looks lovely. Often see him posting on ■■ so might be worth trying him on there.

■■? … probably having a mind-freeze but whats that?

■■■■■. The other main GTO forum in England. If you’re not a member let me know or PM your email address and I can give it to him.

I have sent him a PM over there with a link to here so he might pop up at some point!

Cheers pal, I pm’d him in here… not been over to ■■■■■ for a long time!

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A guy called Ali think it was bought t off tigchamp @davet25 knows the chap , hopefully he can point you in the right direction

Welcome back by the way :sunglasses:

Craig :slight_smile:

Hey there, many thanks… would love to see the ol girl again!

Yeah Ali had it a while back and was having some small issues which I was helping him with, then he just disappeared off the face of the earth. His last post was Aug 2013 although he was last online 4 weeks ago.


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Isn’t Ali doing major mods to it now? The change to modern headlights, altering the bonnet and stuff like that?

Terry :sunglasses:

No, thats Saj whos fitting a EVO X hybrid style front end.


errr!!! Cheers Elton :smirk:

Terry :sunglasses:

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@just_cool yeah that is @PenaltyCharge’s car and its starting to look stunning , cant wait to see that in the flesh , there are some really tidy examples knocking around now

Craig :smile:

Is there a build thread that is open for a looksee @CDMH. Saw something about the headlights but that was all.

Terry :sunglasses:

Here you go :sunglasses:


Only issue with that thread is the pics have gone. Probably due to a photo bucket account closure.
Any way of fixing this @DeanMarkTaylor Or is this out of your wizardry abilities?

I walked though the thread and fixed the image links - Done!


See he’s a magic man!

Can you do curses?! Or curse removals?
Frogs toads?!
Invisibility cloak?? Imagine the mischief @CDMH At JAE! I wouldn’t have got caught by Simons flying gizmo!


Someone turned your thingy green??

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Cheers Craig, some work there :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :grimacing:

Terry :sunglasses: