Who Might be going to LeMans this year. 20-23 June 2013

Well Mike solar 1 normally rights this up but hasn’t appeared as yet so i’ve done it.
Been going to LeMans now for past five years with Solar 1 & Jaycee.
If anyone is interested why done you tag along for the weekend.


I’m going, I’ll be staying at The Village on the Curves and am going over early Thursday morning to hopefully catch qualifying.

Monsterlime battles the channel to arrive in France !!

Thought the colour match was quite good Damien:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The colour is totally wrong :wink:


Got grand stand tickets this year right on the start line :drive:
But most of the time we’re at the Dunlop curves
We catch the 10.20 shuttle on thursday morning
Pm me your mobile maybe the lot of us can meet up somewhere :wink:


Im sure i had a photo of your car at the last meet Damien!



[quote]Im sure i had a photo of your car at the last meet Damien!



Quality !!!

if you dont go to the Essex Meet you lot dont know what your missing !!!

I’ll be there in the GTO…camping in Houx. Doing the Portsmouth to Le Havre crossing with a slight de tour en route to visit the D Day memorials from operation Omaha Beach. This’ll be my ninth trip :slight_smile:
We’ll also be at Piston Heads meet on Friday afternoon…if you see me (dark grey mk1 with gold 24 stickers over it for the trip), say hi :slight_smile:

Nice one.
Be nice to know your name :wink:
pm me your mobile, i’ll do the same hopefully catch up out there.
we say at the BEAUSEJOUR camp site, we’ve meet up the last five years with our Dutch buddies that bring some serious entertainment along with them.


Lol yeah the Dutch have gained quite a rep over the years for their music at Lemans.
By the way, have you tried the lemans classic? Thats a really good event, more chilled out but with a much broader spectrum of cars there.
Pm sent :slight_smile:

Edit: I thought as a unpaid member, I was limited to 20 posts? As such I’ve been a snooper and not a contributer lol

It’s nice to see someone reply the Lemans post.
Must be the cost of the weekend that stops people going, on average it’s worked out at £500.00 all in for me each year.
Catch you over there.


Yeah it’s quite a cheap trip really…especially when you think of what the race/event is all about ie the largest and most prestigious motorsport event in the world. 300, 000+ spectators with approx one third British. This year our package has been £205 per person based on two sharing one car. To include the return crossing Portsmouth/le havre, general race admission and Houx camping for five nights. Beer from the Super U at Arnage is under €14 for twenty pints worth of French stubby bottles and the BBQ food/meat makes the trip :smiley: Everyone that has been to lemans with me has returned…a few have grown into sub groups of people now too.
I cant wait now…really counting down! Stickering up the GTO this coming Monday too :slight_smile:
I offer an open invite on ■■■■■, but just like here interest is always low…which I think is a real shame. As a petrol head, lemans has to be tried at least once!

Just so you know who to look out for, Malc…I started stickering up today :smiley:

I caught a look on Piston Heads of your car,
There’s some serious serious graphic’s this year, great i say :polish:

My cars at Eurospec at the mo, i’ve just had the rear steering isolated, it was showing signs of leaking.
I’ll just have to see if i’ve got enough time to do something myself :wink:


Oooh that reminds me, I need to check my rear steer. I had to drain the gaitors a while back, best see how they’re doing.
Just tomorrow left at work then I’m off until July…can’t wait. Gives me a few days final prep before going and a few days to recover afterwards :smiley:

Ooops! I forgot all about this thread! Many apologies!

Even more annoyingly I also stayed at Beausejour, at the Village on the Curves site. Although now I know who to blame for the loud music and lack of sleep. :stuck_out_tongue: Why Blur - Beetlebum came on at 4:30am on Saturday, I’ll never know.

I was also at the PH meet, but was only there for about an hour or so from 1pm, and didn’t see a GTO unfortunately.

Hopefully everyone made it back safe and sound. Much to a certain Mr Evil’s disappointment I’m sure, my TVR was faultless. :wink:
Although I did get some funny looks crawling down Boulevard des Italiens with my roof off and umbrella up as the heavens opened. :lol:

I saw ya in Arnage our little group was having a bit to eat under cover.
I don’t know if you saw them but there was a cut and shut yellow mini and a orange diablo parked up there, good friends of mine from the days messing with the furball/petrolhead nirvana.
Anyway had a great time as usual :wink: