Who was in the burgandy GTO mk1

Who was it that I saw today coming out of the Darland Esso garage (Gillingham). Spotted me and waved. Lovely looking and sounding car.

Ah you are from my old stomping ground, welcome to the club…

Hi voodooist666 where abouts did you come from then and thanks for the welcome.

All over Medway towns, but lived just down the road from that garage in Gillingham Road many years ago…

Im just up the road in Darland, the burgandy GTO that pulled out of the garage on the corner was in mint condition more than can be said for mine at the moment, still we have to start somewhere.

Once your a full member there is a section you can put a build thread up, helps you keep track. Also shows,it off for others. (Wasn’t daves lol :wink: )

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Naughty @Butler :wink:

Craig :smile:

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Welcome to the forum from another Medway owner.

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Lol what do you mean?! :-p
It could be as I know he is having it resprayed at some point :wink:

Butler if your on about Dave’s being painted then yep soon as I get a space between bike re-sprays then his is getting done lol…

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OOOOH didn’t know you were doing it!!! Sweet :slight_smile:

Oh yes, once I get a VMax finished an AJs & a VL1500 painted I can finally get my car done then its Dave’s if I get a few days free before anymore jobs come in…

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If you need a hand I will happily come over and paint @davet25 's car , I don’t mind using a spray gun , rattle can or a paint roller , anything to get that brown off :laughing:

I will say though as much as I rib the colour @CockneyPlayboy 's car was absolutely stunning to look at the paintwork was gleaming so I can understand why @davet25 wants to keep it the same , plus there isn’t that many around :sunglasses:

Craig :smile:

Out of interest @voodooist666 what would you charge for a same colour blow over on a 3000GT? Rough guess obviously!

Thank for asking but only doing this one as a favour to Dave as I specialise in Bike/Trike builds & Paintwork…

Hello Bob where abouts in Medway are you,it wasn’t you I spotted at the Darland Esso garage was it. Thank you for the welcome.

Hi Meldarren,

I’m in the Wigmore area, and no you did not see me. I have a Mk2 3000GT. She is up for sale at the moment on the forum. Take a look and let me know what you think, and of course if you know anybody who is after one of these lovely cars push them my way.

The car looks superb it looks absolutely mint, and if I here of anyone looking for a GT I will point them in your direction.

Is this my old car?