Who's online?


You’ve always paid by cheque ain’t you @jerry_SC ? Only recently using PayPal for order’s ?
You will be manually added then.

Cheers Dave


I’ve manually added your subscription as you’ve paid by cash/cheque. The membership system will prompt you to enter your card details one week before renewal if you want it to be automated.

So you’re all flagged up now :uk:


Thanks all it has been done automatically before as well but no worries


Just saw, even more groovy


How long it takes after logging off no to show on line ?


The default setting is 5 minutes


Hmm also, I just noticed I appeared online when I wasn’t logged in. So I guess it was the Discourse app on my phone which was checking for messages in the background. Also if anyone sees @gto5 just ignore that user as it is a system accont I setup for the new membership synchronisation.


I thought he was too shy to introduce himself :grin:


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Not using spellchecker then @skl :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terry :sunglasses:


Haha didn’t even notice, oh well :sweat_smile:


Good job there wasn’t a u in it instead of the o… be your first filter blocked word :rofl: