Who's online?


The plugin to show who is online has now been installed.
You can see who is online by visual avatars under the category lists on the left, or you can see a glow round the avatars.

Thank you @skl for sorting this.



I don’t see that



I see you though Simon


Line of avatars top left, and if you look at Perky’s it has a glow round the edge Simon.



I’m not here :eyes::eyes::eyes:
Mobile format as pic, all alone.


Ain’t that true :blush: :wink:


Corrected your spelling, I am not an ant.


I’ve added a dark background on the desktop version of the forum behind the list of user icons so it’s easier to see.

I think, in the topic listings, the orange ring around a user icon means “most recent poster” and the faint blue glow means “original poster” - it doesn’t seem to be tied to the who’s online plugin - maybe it came with the latest forum update and it just a coincidence.

So the “who’s online” icons are those at the top of the screen on the topic listing and the blue ring around user icons when viewing a topic.


Got it Stephen, brilliant, thanks, this is one thing a lot of people missed from the old phpBB Forum software which couldn’t be implemented with this one under the previous regime.

Great work.



I think the blue ring is to show who’s online.
While reading a topic dave and Simons comments pics had blue ring and no one else.
When I went back to main forum page they are both online.


Now Tracy has a blue ring :grinning:


Your ring looks green @jensenrichardson
Have you been to the dr’s latley :rofl:


Just your eyes mate.
Get to the opticians :joy:


Hey this thing is getting more and more groovy.
Good stuff Stephen. Got to ask, why have some of the avatars got little Gtouk,s and some not?


Jerry, the little GTOUK logos over the avatar signify a Full Member…or not.



Better a blue ring than the blue waffle pictures at jae @Tracie was looking at , pretty sure your going to get slapped for talking about her ring though :joy::joy:


@jerry_SC has not done the password reset, anyone who doesn’t have it has not registered for memberfull correctly, most people at the start were just crossing the box and carrying on using the forum.

We have a memberfull group that adds you to that automatically when you do the reset password link.

We have 230 paid members and 211 in memberfull so 19 still haven’t done this.


@jensenrichardson will when I see him, believe me :laughing:



Drinks on them at the Christmas bash then for not registering properly :beers::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I did a password reset via my tablet ???