Whos was this?



As title this site is mentioned in the ad, what do we know about it before i go see it?



You need Craig, @CDMH been around here a good 14 years and has a memory like an elephant, he’s currently on a family holiday though, so not sure when he will see this.

Oh and Welcome to Full Membership, maybe introduce yourself and tell us your story.



Hi @chinkshields,

Welcome to to GTOUK
I have added you to full membership.

You will have access to the full forum now/



I’ll do the whole introduction and pictures thing once I actually find a car that isn’t a shed on wheels.


Welcome to the club @chinkshields

I think this car belonged to.
I typed in mazda wheels and checked profile pic.
End of reg looks the same.


This car is known as ONO In the club.
Sorry I haven’t been around long.
If you type ONO in the search bar you will find loads of info.
I believe it is a well looked after car.
Long term members will be abe to help a bit more.


Hi - this was Ali’s car, now mine. I’m selling her. I don’t really want to but I’m not using her. :weary:. You can see all the posts Ali put on in 2016 and I’ve put a few on. She’s a great car. :+1:


Welcome to GTOUK @chinkshields :+1:


Well I went down for a look today and what can I say finally one that is good, looked really nice and drove well

So all there was to do was buy her, I’m now the proud owner (once i pay for her tomorrow) of the car you guys knew as ono. Get to pick her up tomorrow afternoon can’t wait.

So be warned plenty of pics and posts coming your way soon

Many thanks to @vks1979 for being a lovely host today



That’s great news Tony.
Look forward to seeing future posts.
Always good to see cars stay In the club.
Congratulations on your new purchase, and I believe the best place to buy cars like these is through the forums.


Congratulations :confetti_ball: mate.
Jerry :grinning:


Well done and welcome to the fold. That car had a lot of money spent on it, used to belong to Ali and it broke her heart to have to sell it.

See you on some meets in the future.

Terry :sunglasses:


Congratulations, welcome to the club.