Whurring noise from underneath car

Had my car a year now and only just noticed after ignition turned on there is a motor whurring sound from underneath car like something is activating
stays on for maybe a second or so then stops.
not noticed before so maybe has just started working again ? Or just that ive just not paid attention

Normally its the stater motor.


No this is after engine has started…
it sounds like its towards the rear.
it sounds like a moterised actuator of some kind.
maybe 15 to 20 seconds after starting up

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active exhaust motor ? have you tried the switch on the dash to see if it is that ?

Craig :smile:

In fact hold on yours is an N/a isn’t it ? …

Its probably the hamster getting up to speed on his wheel before you pull away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Craig :smile:


Could yours have an active exhaust that’s playing up?

Oi @Butler stop copying !!! get your own theories grrrr :laughing:

Craig :smile:

@reddwarf mine does that & yeah it sounds like its coming from the back somewhere…it always has done but I’m fairly new to these cars so no idea…I’m still slowly learning…I actually thought it was the ariel going up or something but I dont have one so can’t be that!..basically I’m not being helpful at all here…just thought I’d ramble for a bit lol :wink:

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How its the ABS Pump doing self test if its just as you start to drive off ??

Lol sent mine in via email so takes 5 minuets to get the “latest” response! Sorry @cdmh!!

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Broken electric ariel still connected ? Has it a manual ariel ? That’s about 10/20 seconds
Copying @goo_chummer @Butler Lol

Ali you don’t have an aerial? Could be broken aerial still plugged in as Dave says :slight_smile:

I love this thread

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Lol rob you just sat laughing? :slight_smile:

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Hahaha sorry that’s my fault :joy: I totally ruined the thread here! :wink:

You know it !! :smile: