Why is this website working?

No, not a typo.

Of all my usual favourites (BBC, pistonheads, my blog, facebook …) the GTOUK website is the only one working for me this afternoon.

I could understand if nothing was connecting, but just one ?

Could be a routing problem and we are on a different route.

Can’t tell you for sure not being on your machine :smiley:


This is what it looked like then:

5 mins later I lost connection even to GTOUK.

Now they all seem to be back. Aren’t computers great - when they work?

Opera??? Thought that a mobile operating system??

Opera started on PCs over 10 years ago, and was ported to mobiles.

It is also on Nintendo DS, DSi and Wii


and Glastonbury :wink:

Opera is a web browser, not an operating system.
You still need IE7 bloatware to take MS Windows updates but give Opera a try. You’ll end up saying “Why can’t explorer do that?”