Wind Deflectors - Anyone found any

Hi All,

Seems the cheeky buggers round my area have tried pulling the wind deflectors off my gto :0(

They ended up snapping them in half during and I can’t seem to find replacements :0(

Can these still be bought new or best keeping an eye out on the bay?



Very rare and therefore tend to be expensive. Keep an eye out for them second hand as no-one seems to make them now, a few people suggest reproductions but it never happens.

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New window visors for the 3/S, beautifully crafted from with our signature vacuum infused process, uses double sided tape to secure, great fit and finish, change the whole look of your exterior with these great looking visors!

189.99 carbon fiber
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plus shipping.

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V nice @spiros did you manufacture them?
What else do you have?!

I wish :joy:

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Legend! Will snap a set of those up and a packet of pellets for the air rifle in case the little buggers come back for another go ;0)

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i have some i was looking to replace driver side as it s snapped

Any idea if these are still available from anyone?

Genuine went obsolete from Mitsubishi over 12 years ago i am afraid :frowning_face:

Seen some after market ones and they fit where they touch…Shocking for the money they want for them

Not seen the Retrospec ones in real life to comment on those ones

Would mb645425 and mb645426 be the correct part numbers?

No they are seals for the A pillars inners

They had a unique part number which i cant remember now as it was so long ago and were installed in the car when it was being built so were generally not available to be purchased afterwards

Although some were made available for dealers to fit but these were few and far between

I bought all the new years ago in japan and looked for new ones for many years afterward as people have always wanted them i picked up maybe 8-10 sets in 5-6 years of Mitsubishi look for these in dealers for me in japan


Hi Rob

Just looking through photos of a neglected GTO I came across and realised that it has wind deflectors fitted, out of interest do you think these were the original mitsu ones that came with the car?

Cheers, Mick.

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Look original, same as the ones on my car Mick.

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Grab those for me

There were as far as i know only genuine ones available

Get them off with out damage is one thing, getting the clips off the car is impossible as it stainless clips and mild steel screws …a bad comination

never seen anyone get them off without breaking the deflectors

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Absolutely, leave them alone !!!


I’ll have a look to see if its still there. Doesnt look good for removing them tho, have a read of Rob and Jerry’s posts , I should imaging they are probably quite brittle by now.

Can be glued and molds taken

Remove ’ a ’ pillars with them still attached


Hi all, are you looking for these for they’re functionality,
cause they don’t look particularly attractive on the car .
maybe it’s a bad photo.