With regret I'm breaking my gto as wiring loom is shot

Regrettably I’m breaking my gto as I’m not fitting new loom so if you need anything let me know has good mk2 engine good 25 spline gearbox and transfer case mk 2 rear tinted lights many parts just ask

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Is it the full loom gone or just part of it Pete

Most of the interior lights gauges etc engine loom is fine but is to dodgy fire hazard and im buying a mk2 so mk 1 must go

Fair enough matey

Guy looking for 25 spline transfer box as of 14 days ago.
It’s in newbie section under
New 25 spline transfer box
Tried to link you two but didn’t know how

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Have you got radiator?
Oil cooler and pipes?
If close to me I could come and collect (Nuneaton / Coventry)

Yes I have rad it’s like new well its 4 months old and yes to oil cooler and pipes and im dunstable so not to far will you need fans still attached or just rad

also before I list it on ebay I have a clarks strong arm engine hoist for sale if anyone pulling a engine

What colour is the car your breaking

It’s original black cheers peter

Thats a shame after the work you put in @petermartin2009 , fully understand your reasons though if you feel the car is untrustworthy and a fire hazard

Craig :smile:

What condition are your bottom of electric window seals both driver and passenger could be interested if ok.
Pm me with price

Also electric mirrors both sides

Someone already interested in these il let you know if he doesn’t buy them

No problem mate

Have electric mirrors both in good working order

Price for both?

also retractable boot cover (parcel shelf)

Sad sad news mate, the amount of work you put in too. I hope you recoupe your money mate.


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I have one mate if he dose not