Wolverine aka hotbobs 1 off na 3.2 gto SOLD


Ok wanted to save this, done everything needed doing, new windows, glove box, replacement lights also tinted, removed buttons that do nothing and added blanks, small service ie filters plug’s oils, gets more attention than smokin cos it’s loud and proud.
Drive’s amazing and yep totally solid, rebuilt engine with one off high compression pistons to around 3.2 so pretty quick.
£2500… would rather a member brought it tbh.

Steering is incredibly light as is clutch, brakes amazing…no aircon, no ecs, no active areo, no cruise control, no big heavy mirrors, so it’s lightened a fair bit probably why it’s so easy to drive.
Thanks Dave
Ps history folder is all there and yes I’ve added to it lol


Jesus things look better on a real Samsung instead of a broken Chinese immigration …i may keep it :grinning:


Hope you ordered that ‘tough’ phone cover, especially before his weekend, better make sure it’s ‘lake proof’ as well :joy::joy::joy:

Tracie :frog:


Need this gone asap so offers… did have a prospective buyer I was holding it for however insurance is a problem as recent at fault accident.
Failing that bids on smokin taken and will keep this.
Cheers Dave


Dirt cheap price that is , well known historied car is easily worth double that all day long

Someone will get a bargain :slightly_frowning_face:


My labour is worth About £2 pH enjoyed it tho I think :sob:


Back up for sale or swap for a good auto na


Bump…or its Getting bumped off :joy:
Been let down twice this weekend, once for a supra…:joy:


I know where there is a stunning auto for you Dave :joy::joy::joy::joy:.

Just saying :grin:

Tracy :bee:


Shhh ffs someone will buy it


##£1600 on eBay at that price, worth more in bits but I’ve no time now need it gone!


Dave, so wish I could mate but she’d rip it off if I came home with it - be like bringing Kelly Brook home one night kicking Helen out of bed and saying get my steak on whilst I sort this cause I’m gonna need it :joy:


I’ve had a brain wave… ready…
I’m gonna change the ad to breakdown truck…

I think that looks ok


Enough already, looks like I will be bringing this to jae, bring your spanners and we can have a BBQ with what’s LEFT.
I would put up a silly picture with a huge cockerel on the roof but think there’s been enough of that of late.
No show Dave


Right after loads and I mean loads of time waisting tossas along came a lovely chap with his dad who own a car rental place.
Car is going on display in showroom in the week and will be used weekends… @Hotbob he lives on and is very much appreciated, lets hope he joins up, but the way that thing drive’s and after all the stuff I replaced it wants for nothing :+1:
I had a curry and a pint out of it, in future keeping my mouth shut and my :moneybag: in my wallet :joy: it was fun sort of :sob:


Great News at last for you Dave and at least she will keep on giving pleasure to whom ever drives her.


Happy ending, not often we get one of our own going in a showroom, credit to your work there Dave.

Glad it’s sorted for you at last, but something tells me you might have trouble with mouth and wallet ideas :grin: :joy: :grin:

Long live Smokin :heart_eyes:

Tracie :bee:


Hope you got near to what you wanted mate.
Glad you still have smoking :slight_smile:


ER no lol but at least I sold it to someone that absolutely :heart: it, so hope he joins up would love too see it on the stand.