Won't start

Hi all. I’ve been offered a mk2 TT that’s been stood over 10 years.
I’m told it was started on a regular basis until recently when it wouldn’t start. No fuel getting to fuel rail?? Any ideas?
Put a little petrol into the front 3 cylinders and it does start and run for a short time.

What do you guys think. Worth a gamble?

Is this the 1 on Facebook market place, red with carbon bonnet

it can be a hit and miss, obviously you know its fuel related, but it could be a simple wire like mine does, or it could be a pump, relay.

Most of it depends how much time and how handy you are around cars.

The newbie section is more for introduction, just bare that in mind,

we can’t help out too much as you don’t have the car to test the solution out

Just remembered, it’s been off the road for 10 years, that’s cambelt, fluids (all of them) tyres and what the mot brings up so almost 2k in parts alone

Yep, that’s the one. I was worried it could be ECU related?? Is that doubtful?

I personally wouldn’t think its the ecu, but the Ecu repair are not too expensive, there are a few test you can do to to know what it is, but you would need the car to test.

So it mainly up to you if you want to gable.

These are amazingcars when you have it working and I enjoy mine better than all my other cars.

if you do decide to get it, I would get the membership for here, its only £20 a year and everyone will help you out with their year’s of knowledge


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hi, probably the fuel pump does not work

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