Woohoo! just got ma first GTO. love it. got a question

Yo dudes! just bought my first GTO 3000 and signed up to get learning about taking care of this beautiful beast. so Hello!
its 1990, non turbo.manual. import.
thanks so much in advance for spreading the knowledge!

First question : THE REVS SEEM TO DROP A BIT LOW. and very occasionally it dies on gear change. so im guessing i need some sort of computer diagnostics check? what you think? if so does anyone know someone who can do it in the south west/ midlands UK? im in the Cotswolds.

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Hi, welcome to the club and congratulations on getting your first gto…

There is a screw on the side of the throttle body. If you turn this anti clockwise whilst the engine is running you should here the revs increase on tick over. You could however have a vacuum leak which would mean checking all your small hoses.

Good luck with her and there is years of experience on this forum and I have found that there is someone that will always be there to help.


Hi and welcome to GTOUK , get some pictures up when you get chance :smile:

When the car is ticking over what revs are you showing on the rev counter , if it’s set too low then you will get issues , normally set at around 750 ish rpm but I preferred mine set more towards 900 rpm .

The other thing may be the idle stepper motor , is it stalling as you pull up to junctions , islands etc or changing gear ?

These can be cleaned but generally most are beyond saving and a new one is required


Craig :slight_smile:

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Hi @RetroGrader808, where abouts are you in the Cotswolds? I’m near Evesham so for a bit of a run out I could have a look. :relaxed:

Get some pics up and as @CDMH says, a replacement stepper motor is the right way to go, how many times do you clean these things only for it to go wrong a few months down the line.

My cars the one that is being used as a backdrop as I got the car of the month last month.

Terry :sunglasses:


cheers for the replies guys! all looks like good advice. im pretty new to taking care of cars generally so i got a lot to learn. Had a Toyota celica 1991 before this and she treated me so well. these are the only pictures i got so far . she still needs some TLC

any advice you have on things i should generally check out and do as a new owner of this car please feel free to suggest! thanks



@justinmandeville OK! great i’ll do that. good to know

Thanks @CDMH i’ll confirm the revs tomorrow. i could well be the stepper motor. it does like to stall randomly as i come to a junction and go to change gear. but it also does seem to have some low rumbling rev spurts that seem like they shouldn’t go that low.

Ive also got to get the speedo fixed as it is completely dead. i believe its an electrical part under the gear box as this car doesnt have a speedo cable. am i right? im going to have my friendly mechanic have a look at that.

Yo terry! @just_cool cheers man! and your car looks sweet. im in cheltenham. so not far. do you have a diagnostics kit then? i hear its a good idea to give um a check. but at the moment i have no clue about tuning a car.

Good on yer bud, am in Cheltenham regularly, wife always wants to go shopping and I just have to take the car out :grin:

No diagnostic kit, just go through the usual things to sort problems out. If I can’t fix it right away I ask loads of questions on here, the answers usually come thick and fast, so does the p1ss taking (not in a bad way, just funny comments :pray:), Have to get used to it though :joy:

You’ll also notice the emojis get used quite often, they say a picture is better than a thousands words.

There’s also Ben @Eurospecs and @GSXRKID, Rob at Evil Empire to pick their brains as well, so you have come to the right place.

Terry :sunglasses:

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SWEET :sunglasses::beer: thats real kind of ya man! let me know when ya next coming through!

Another KDB registered car , possibly a DC imports car , means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things :laughing: just mine was from there and I know a few others from there , certain traders used to have blocks of number plates , same as a lot of the SUY registered fto’s came from Walsall .

Anywho back on track , tidy looking motor and as you have seen any questions just ask away .

There is a sender unit on top of the gearbox for the speedo also the speedo cluster can creep , part of my pre flight checks when mine had been standing was to tap the left side of the binicle to get the Rev counter going then the right hand side to get the speedo going :wink: might even be a dodgy connection behind from a converter chip

Craig :smile:


Hi @RetroGrader808
Welcome to the club.
Got a black mk1 myself.:grinning:
had the same issue revs, dying when pulling up ect ect. Got second hand stepper, sorted for a few weeks then started again. cleaning it with carb cleaner works for a few weeks but thats it. Going to buy a new one, seen some on ebay new for £50, but not sure if they are ok so will prob bite bullet and buy one from Rob at evil £150 i think.
Just waiting to see if a tt i have found is being sold first before i spend my money on bits for my n/a.:wink:



Also first thing i did was change all oils and fluids. The guy i purchased it from said they had all been done, and they all came out looking new . But for piece of mind that level and grades were right i did them anyway.
Could save you money in the long run.


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thanks dude. spot on advice. do ya know if the new stepper is a relatively quick fit? what sorta time/money ya think we talking here?

thanks chap. mine’s completely dead. was sold to me as intermittent but i haven’t seen it move yet. lol. sender unit defiantly needs looking at,

the revs seem to be sitting at about 1600 ! EDIT- actually 900. :smile:

The stepper motor is easy to do mate. You will be able to do it yourself. I would give yours a clean with carb cleaner first, before buying a new one. There are posts on here about cleaning / swapping the unit out. If you cant find the posts i can take step by step photos for you tomoz in the light. Roughly half hour to an hour max to do.


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cheers man! great news


Welcome to gtouk. Your car looks great, try to get to a event at some point and meet some members smile :slight_smile:


Hi @RetroGrader808
Took pics today mate if you want them let me know.

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