Worth a gamble!

Hi all, I’m still sniffing around returning to the fold. There is a very nice one on EBay at the moment, £1500 non starter but looks the part. If it were the TT it would have been mine by now. Advert says deposit taken but after just speaking to seller still available, if your quick! Hope back soon…


There is 1 on Facebook for £1,700 twin turbo, with suspected top end knock, it has leather seats and a fair amount of work done to it, might be worth a shot, in st ives near Cornwall

I saw that today on eBay, condition does look decent. Could be ECU or as he says fuel pump, but again it could be anything.

Jason, Spotted that one thankyou but “probably” needs an engine rebuild? Not sure what knocks on the TopEnd, Any ideas?

Spires, thank you but that looks like how I would like mine to finish up, to pricy I think!

That cheapo TT might, just might, be cam followers/tappets/lifters. You know what the top end of these motors is like - especially if it’s in need of an oil change etc. Clackety clack etc. I’d certainly want to take a look at that. It might be an easy fix.
I think we are entering an era where many owners are putting their life and soul into their cars nowadays. Attention to detail in every aspect is being afforded to many owners’ cars, and it’s fantastic to see.
There was a time where many of these cars were not being looked after so well, and it was a real shame to see many in need of serious repair work to engines and transmissions.
I do like this next little gem, up for auction. I think the estimate is realistic, and it would be very interesting to see what it fetches.



Where is this TT with suspect top end knock ? Had a look but couldn’t find it


Think that’s the Link !

AND ITS A N/A not a TT

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Hi, you could well be right but I’ve been in touch and it’s a N/A, I’m really after the T/T again!

It’s a N/A unfortunately

I’d be interested to know how your trip to the auction went.

You can’t keep away from them Martin, can you! Hehe!


How is it producing 280bhp if its an NA ?!

Wishful thinking? He has confirmed it’s a N/A but I bet he hasn’t a Print out of the figures!

Auction result…
Hi, not good and that’s 6hours I’ll never get back! From around 3 mts it looked the part, all shines and nice! Getting closer…it’s had a front ender at some time and had a VERY poor repair with VERY poor Paintwork on Wing and Bonnet. The Rust is a lot worse than shown in Photo, new wing? The Windows are obviously scratched (aren’t they all?) Interior, I honestly do not know how the photos and video make it look decent, it is awful. The Rear Seat has half a Cloth Cover thrown on it, the Fronts are so uncomfortable and all the colour is peeling off and P/S doesn’t move. Other things include…no Service History or Receipts, Battery flat ( has been standing apparently) No idea if/when Cam Belt done. A few other little things that I was expecting but I t’s not for me. Lovely guy, James showed me round it and then let slip it was actually his car having owned for 3 years. It was worth the trip just to see some beautiful machinery on offer, Shame this wasn’t one of them! Still Looking!

Better to have gone and had a look, than not at all. You’d have been thinking it might have been a real minter and you let it go. Keep looking.
That black one you had was probably unbeatable in every aspect wasn’t it - doubt you’ll get close to that again Martin.
Cheers for the moment,


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Apparently it made £6160!!! I knew the prices were on the up but, WOW!

Hi Martin, yes they are going up in value alright. There will always be those that let the side down, but the trend is very encouraging.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that is very subjective of course. But they do turn heads, eh!

Did you receive yer red beauty today?


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Hi Mike, yep all delivered safe and sound. Few comments on the previous Topic

Funny how pictures polish turds…

In the photos and write up it appears to be a good buy totaly the opposite of how you described it…
What model are you after mate ? Mk1 30000 gt tt ?