Wow.....a bargain

Been looking at insuring the “project” and had a Very, Very nice surprise. Direct Line have quoted…£169 Fully Comp! I knew there were benefits in being old!


Direct Line refused mine because it is over 25 years old, I had to go to Adrian Flux

Errrm, thanks for your reply, realised I had put the wrong Date in and you are correct, over 25 no chance! Back to the Search!

Adrian Flux…3000 miles per annum, fully comp, £20 windscreen repair excess; £90 windscreen replacement excess; £100 accidental damage fire and theft…£144.
You must live in a more dodgy area than I do Martin…:sunglasses:


Blimey, you telling the truth? Been searching a little and the best so far is £212 with Compare the Market.

Ha ha, cracked it, you drive the Hairdresser’s version…

Yeah, I was gonna add that. But I think we all remember a time when - very strangely - the NA cost more to insure than the TT.

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So are threads that kiss the ass of Adrian Flux allowed but threads that call them out for their ■■■■■■■■ get locked?

Sorry to hijack this thread but I never got an explanation from a moderator or administrator as to why my thread was locked. Presumably because this club gets money from Adrian Flux for advertising and part of the deal is that the admins have to silence anyone who dares suggest they may not be perfect.

Hi @Alex_GT
When the post was originally suspended we all had to make a decision regarding if it was appropriate.
I’m afraid we decided it wasn’t appropriate for a number of reasons.
Some explanations had been posted up and other points had been raised, for example the title itself regarding action you might be taking.
I personally didn’t see it appropriate that the club page be used and seen to be in association with any such action.
If the post had been titled differently and put forward in a different way it might have been voted on differently.
We hope you understand.
Anything can cause insurance to go up or down.
I myself have had quotes that make no sense and the explanation for the quotes make even less.
The forum has had members post up unhappy with a quote received from insurance companies and we do not remove these, I hope this goes some way to show we aren’t deleting posts due to the fact they are sponsors.
We just believe this post was not appropriate.
We hope you understand.
If you would like to discuss this with us we are happy to do so.


Alex as it stands you are a guest of the site , please be respectful regarding the moderators and Admins

I locked your post , your post was regarding your current vehicle not a GTO so had no relevance on our site regarding your issue , as I said you should make contact with the insurers themselves

Hope Jensen’s post and mine clarify the situation for you


Reading back Alex you was not happy back in 2010 whilst you were ringing around for quotes for a GT/GTO back then . You have been on GTOUk a long time so I’m sure you know how it works regarding postings being moved and deleted etc

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Well, Adrian Flux have just got my business. £162 seems the best I can get. I have had issues with them in the past on another car but “every little helps” and as I’m on a fixed income…


Good price that mate :sunglasses: