I have just fallen off my chair with shock, after having bad news from various other insurers due to the lack of NCB, i called footmanjames and they have given me a top quote, I am amazed and will be taking insurance with them as soon as I have the car!! Woop Woop!

They said they specialise in GTOs? Cool.

Cheers :smiley:


Footman james those are the peeps i’m insured with and i had the same falling of the chair experience. how much was it? (if you don’t mind me asking)


for limited mileage of 1500 miles, I know this is massively low, will be £840 but when i get near that limit i just pay the difference up to the 3000 mile limit. Suits me down to the ground, i just couldn’t fork out 2k up front. I was getting well worried. The fact I have no NCB was being a major pain in the arse, but with them its ok.

Only prob now is i won’t be able to drive away tonight in the car as i can’t insure it until tomorrow now :frowning: hehe


word of advice… make sure you tell them before you get close to the limit or they will be VERY unsympathetic… Trust me…

Second time in my life for the falling off the chair experience 1500 miles!.gif that’ll come very quickly as you won’t wanna stop driving the car.

But at least now you get to have the car.


I won’t be going for the 1500 mile limit as i would prob cane that very quickly indeed, but it was interesting how much difference it made, will probably go for the 4000 mile limit which is more realistic. But… at least it allows me to have the car! :slight_smile:

Signed the paper work this evening, will get the beast on saturday all being well. :slight_smile: Then… I will be wantiing to meet you lot somewhere! lol!


Yeah i have the 4000 mile policy so far since taking it out with footmanjames i have covered…
[size=24]0[/size] miles
and probably won’t do any more untill febuary.

Ben (GTO’s gotta love’em)

[quote]Yeah i have the 4000 mile policy so far since taking it out with footmanjames i have covered…
[size=24]0[/size] miles
and probably won’t do any more untill febuary.

Ben (GTO’s gotta love’em)[/quote]

Footman james dont give good quotes to everyone.

I have just recieved a quote through the post from them for £2017.05 (Fully Comp Protected)are they having a laugh as i currently only pay £800 with A-Plan.

I have unlimited mileage cover and Fully Comp Protected. I’m 34 with full no claims.

Where the hell did they get £2017.05 from.


Thats not nessicerily the best way of putting it, Going along the same theory A-plan suck because they didn’t give me a good qoute. It all depends on the type of policy mine being a limited milage second car type policy means that they were very accomodating where yours i imagine is your only car drive every day policy.


Tried footman james - got a quote of £3400!!!1

Are they having a laugh?! On renewal, I’ll be 24, 4yrs NCB, no points etc…


Tesco want £1400 and I thought that was bad!!

That said, I did get a quote of £5500 for a 2.5 V6 vectra from esure last year…

I do rate Tesco however, £980 fully comp. I’m 26, 4Years NCB, no points, live slap bang in middle of sheffield (would have been £835 if still living on outskirts) Depends on where you live, a LOT - and probably mine being a UK car is a little cheaper possibly.


I am looking to buy a GTO TT or 300zx TT in March…yeah yeah dont laugh…

Age 40, Full No Claims, No points, No convictions. Fully Comp, 6000 mile limited…

Footman James Quote…£1960

Tesco Qutote…£583 (With tracker fitted)

One company (that advertises in Banzai magazine) even refused to quote me, the manager telling me that it was 'a bit irresponsible to go from Saab turbos to GTO TT’s and wouldnt it make more sense to go for something a bit smaller…!!! Even though it was to be a weekend car! He point blank refused to quote me…

I really don’t understand how your qoutes can be soo high… insurance companies are just a law unto themselves… :roll:


:smiley: I just received a quote from Footman James. £650 for my GTO age 31 with full NCB plus partner to drive (limited to 3000 miles with Tracker. No mods YET!!! :wink: ). They also done a deal for my Peugeot coupe and mirrored the NCB and got that for £550.

My previous Insurer (Direct Line) WAS getting £1300 just for the GTO. I’ll have great pleasure in cancelling that as they wanted £900 for my Peugeot aswell.


I think what we’re all experiencing is that it’s really worth going to the trouble of calling around… i make an average of 20 calls for every insurance policy i take out… and its always worth it…