Wrong spec on my 95

Hi guys, was wondering if I could pick at your brains for a sec because i’m baffed about the spec of my car.

According to stealth316, my 95 shouldnt have glass headlights or an active exhausts. But my headlights are glass and theres a silent exhaust button on the dash. And i should have the 8 speaker infinity system but all i can see is 6 speakers. The date the car was registered was supossidly 3rd june 1995.

Has anyone got any insight into this??

Not sure what stealth316 is but its definitely American British/jap/American cars were different specs so checking on an American page for a jap cars probably going to leaf you astray. That’s assuming your cars factory spec and never modified

What’s your VIN number, that might help?

Deffo what Butler said the jap variants are specced differently to the American cars same as there are differences between jap and uk cars .

Again you never know what previous owners have done , 6 speaker system is pretty much what ive come to expect from JDM cars , that said mine was stupidly early in the build

Craig :smile:

A couple of Questions

1, Pop up lights or not

2, Date on the seat belt label ( bottom)

3,The three numbers after the Z16a or z15a

4, UK 3000gt or GTO


Also date of registration will not be the date of manufacture

PM me your vin and i will see what i can find out for you

Glass head lights only appeared on cars from late 1993 to Late 1994

But NOT UK/ European cars i am told

Cheers Rob

I’ve got glass headlights on my 3000GT which is a late 1994 build, 1995 registered.

Ah I had a feeling it would be a bit different. I’m struggling to find anything on the JDM versions so I was hoping it was the same as the USDM models.

My VIN is Z16A 0100805

They aren’t the pop up headlights.
Its a Jap GTO
Its tooo cold to go outside and check the seatbelt loool. I’ll check that tomorrow morning before work.

Dont worry guys theres no need to go through any hassle to find out for me. I just wanted to know if anyone else had a similar case where the spec is different to what they expected really. I’m happy to have the active exhaust button even though its not connected to the aftermarket exhaust.

Ok so you have Z16A so it has ECS

01 is the year so second year = 1995

Number 805

and yes it should have glass headlights, I think it 02 that moved to plastic as the glass fogged

Car was made 03/06/1995

On the very edge of Glass Headlight use !!

And you also have pearlescent in the paint as the code is X94A

Would be interested to hear from anybody else that has glass headlights in their 3000GT as this would make Mitsubishi UK be ill informed yet again if there is a few of you.

Cheers Rob

Thank you very much guys!! Woohoo the car is the same age as me!!! I could have sworn my paint code was x94 though?? I will have to check it next time I open the bonnet

Mine’s a 3000GT Rob, I’m confident my lights are glass however I shall check later.

LOL it is X94A i had two versions of caps open and looked at the wrong one

You Build date was the 3/06/1995