Xmas bash pics 2017

(Tracy Parkin) #1

Upload your pics here :grin:

Christmas bash 2017
(Colin Lockyer) #2

(David Perkins) #3

Few pics I took :heart_eyes:

Colin with a ■■■■ on his head

Bossy craig

Bossy mutley

Tracy… wtf is this soup?:joy:

Perkys car park… bit tight hit the car… work in progress… insurance claim next :+1:

(Tracy Parkin) #4

Great pics Dave good to see someone else took some.

Tracie :santa:

(Scott Robertshaw) #6

Whos the blue rinse brigade?

(Tracy Parkin) #7

Well it appears me and you @DavePerkins were the only picture stalkers there good effort though :wink::wink::wink:

Tracie :santa:

(Tracy Parkin) #8

I’m sure @Colin_GTO has some better pics than his posted above…come on Colin show us the rest :grin:

Tracie :santa: