Xmas bash

I know it is early like 2 months early, but have changed my dates for hotel and am wondering who is up for convoying to the bash on the Saturday…time and locations tbd

Well as the bash is getting closer, who is up for traveling up in convoy? Can arrange time and locations later

5 days to go till Xmas Bash…at moment looks like a solo drive up to Kegworth… :roll: :lol:

happy to meet somewhere on the sat


Could always meet at Cheiveley services and if John and dan are leaving banbury can meet them on way at services on the A43

What time you going up, no I won’t be there then just interested :lol: :lol:

Possibly around 11 - 12ish depending on time anyone else is wanting to leave, so can get to hotel and chill before the evening.

We have a committee meeting around 12.30 so Simon needs to be there for then :wink:


Well will see who turns up at Cheivelly tomorrow before heading up to Kegworth, will take the A34 - A43 - M1 anyone is more than welcome to tag along.

My Mob is 07731958761

Right so what time we all planning on getting there meeting etc etc…

I am meeting Dave @10:30 Cheivelly for some breakfast and we will be leaving @11:00


Shoul be hitting the m3 near Winchester at about 12:30 so guess I’ll be on the a34 by 12:32.

Would be better if you got up earlier :lol: :lol: :lol: but no doubt you’ll catch us up :lol: :lol: :lol: