(Tracy Parkin) #71

Oh you do do you… precisely why you were on the ‘Naughty List’ Craig.:grin:

Tracie :santa:

(Jensen Richardson) #72

What time are we all getting there for?


I’m aiming for Saturday mate

(Jensen Richardson) #74

Nearly asked what time it was kicking off.
But I want to be there before all that starts😂


Normally I aim for 12ish bu will probably go later this year , I know Dave and Anna are there Friday evening , folks generally start getting there around lunch

(Terry Wilkes) #76

How long’ll it take you to get there Craig, just so I have a good idea when we will start out.

Terry :sunglasses:

(Colin Lockyer) #77

Convoy time :joy::joy:


Just over an hour Terry .

I go up the m42 , A42 then hit 1 junction on the m1 , sat nav tries to avoid the m1 but it’s a better run

(Terry Wilkes) #79

Cheers Craig :+1:

Terry :sunglasses:

(Tracy Parkin) #80

We should be there about 1pm.

Tracie :santa:

(David Perkins) #81

Can’t wait… who ordered turkey?

(Tracy Parkin) #82

According to the list, all the men apart from Jerry :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Tracie :santa:

(David Perkins) #83

I’ve not been the best of late so I’ve decided to take a break with Anna, managed to get my oldest in to sit Friday, so takin a day off to drive down, stop somewhere nice on the way…
Be there Friday evening :+1:
N/A Dave

(David Perkins) #84

He’s got his clock :joy:


Just the men then :joy::joy:

(David Perkins) #86

Looking like we are now coming on sat only as oldest daughter has the sickness bug… she can keep well clear with that :persevere:
If anything changes then will just book a travel lodge on the way as wanted a day out Friday…
See you all sat :+1:

(Tracy Parkin) #87

That’s a shame but at least you are still making the party :hugs:

Tracie :santa:

(Scott Robertshaw) #88

Sadly this isnt gonna happen for us,far too much unexpected family stuff has/needs attending to that cant be put on hold,have a drink for us :disappointed:

(Tracy Parkin) #89

Oh that is such a shame Scott, but I know you and Vikky have a lot to sort at the moment, hope that all goes OK and settles down soon so you can enjoy Xmas.

Will do our best to down a few for you both :beers:

Tracie :santa:

(David Perkins) #90

Totally gutted both for you not coming and the situation…
Massive perky hugs to you both…
I sure Santa will still come down your chimney tho… wouldn’t want you to miss out :rooster::rooster:

Dave and Anna x