Scott sorry to hear that mate , understand the reasons though , family stuff comes first every time .

You and Vikky will both be missed , hope you manage to get things sorted


(Jensen Richardson) #92

Hope you guys get everything sorted mate.

(Terry Wilkes) #93

That’s a shame Scott, get things sorted and see you on the flip side. :wink:

Terry :sunglasses:

(Jerry Castle) #94

Sorry to read Scott,was looking to catch up, hope all goes well at home.
All the best Jerry

(Scott Robertshaw) #95

Have a great time today guys n gals thinking of you.

(David Perkins) #96

Ditto will be thinking of you 2 :kissing_heart:

(Terry Wilkes) #97

Ditto, will b thinking of you 2 2 :grin:

Terry :sunglasses:


I will be thinking of you 2 3

Shame you couldn’t be there Scott , will have a couple for you and Vikky :beers:

(Dan Hutton) #99

I shall be along, after lunch. Just picking up the car now!

(Tracy Parkin) #100

See you soon. X

(Kevin Rhodes) #101

Hope you all have a fantastic night :crazy_face:

(Jerry Castle) #102

Cheers Kev
Have a good time you too. Hope christening goes well sure it will.

(Kevin Rhodes) #103

How’s everyone’s heads then :crazy_face: ye up nice and early to get started on the food etc, enjoy your hangovers :grin:

(Colin Lockyer) #104

What hangover

(Kevin Rhodes) #105

If you was there then you wasn’t trying hard enough :rofl:

(Colin Lockyer) #106

At least I was there :joy::joy::joy::wink:


Great meet and great company , good to catch up again with you all , some real highlights that ticked me :joy:

(Scott Robertshaw) #108

Didnt simon go?


No si was double booked mate :disappointed:

(Terry Wilkes) #110

Good time and good banter, glad everyone got home safe. Here’s to next year.

Simon was at a wedding so couldn’t be there @ScottMR

Terry :sunglasses: