(Tracy Parkin) #111

I really enjoyed it, for me it’s about the people, freinds, yes the venue is an old favourite, not the best but not the most expensive either, it’s what you make it, it may not always please but we try to think about how much money members can spend on a GTOUK XMAS ‘do’ with other Xmas parties on their calendar, not to mention just how expensive December is, especially for families.

Maybe a change is needed for 2018, so put your thinking caps on, do some research and come up with some alternatives that would be really appreciated.

Lovely to see you all this weekend a real happy fun meeting and the icing on the cake… no hangover :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Tracie :dog:

(David Perkins) #112

I’m very tired, very old and Mr AA is calling :joy:
Great meet up was under the weather, but as said it’s always about the Freindships aspect for us 2 :heart:

Massive thanks to @Tracie for doing all the hotel contacting, it’s hard work in the background arranging everyone’s requirements… :heart::kissing_heart:

As tracie says let’s have some ideas from members next year on what you fancy doing?

From me it’s goodnight…

Really fast N/A Dave

(Steve Parkin) #113

Loved the weekend, myself and Trace don’t get out much due to sitters for our babies, but when we do it’s always worthwhile. Catching up with old friends and making new.

Numbers up on last year but no where near what they used to be or should be.

It’s hard to create an atmosphere being in a room with 2 coachloads of other groups, unfortunately they were a little older than ourselves (including being older than me before anyone says it :slight_smile: ) 1 of the coached loads left around 10pm emptying half the room. Saying that we still managed to create an atmosphere for ourselves.

The food wasn’t bad for the price we paid where else can you get a Xmas Dinner at this time of year for £22.50. The hotel was cheap enough and have no complaints there, the breakfast was second to none.

For me it’s not about the festivities, it’s the fact we have an excuse to see our mates meet new, have a laugh, take the piss and enjoy the 24 hours :-).

We got there at 1 pm started drinking soon as and went to bed at 1am, surprised I can even remember .

Big thanks to all who managed to make it always a difficult one to commit to at this time of year, @DavePerkins for doing the Turkey Secret Santa and a special thanks to @Tracie for organisation this, liasing with the hotel and sorting any issues we had well before the event.


(Jerry Castle) #114

Good fun, big thank you to Tracie for the organisation and great to see the folks. Nice to meet Mrs Cool. As Steve says more members at our do,s would be really good so how about a members new year resolution for all to try and do at least one event a year, lets grow this club.