Your opinion on Mitsubishi dealership?

Hey guys, I’ve semi-recently acquired myself an imported 1994 z16a GTO. I took it to the mechanic that was recommended to me and got the important bits done
(all brakes and 2 prop shaft bearings replaced)
The car is in a good condition mechanically, but it has quite a few things that i want to address too
(window wipers are rusty and old, weather strips on doors have eroded away, front windshield is leaking water during washing, windows are shaking when they open up and all that nasty stuff).

I think i have 2 routes i can go which I wanted to ask your opinion on:

1: going through the mitsubishi dealership and inquiring about this: Has anyone had any experience fixing their car with them? With the car being this old, my impression was that they will be able to acquire leftover parts from the source if it’s possible

2: going through and seeing what they can do about it. I heard they charge a premium for their services and i’m not sure if they do misc stuff like weather strips on a car this old either.

here’s a car in question:




They have all the experience needed to do any job. Get what you pay for

The dealer wont have seen one let alone work on it. Dealers are interested in new cars with easy part swaps


I’ll pay them a visit and see whether they do non mechanical work then, i did hear good things about them somewhere before too, thanks!

Hi and welcome to GTOUK, a lot of what you have asked is probably in the technical section, but it can’t be accessed without full membership. Those window weather strips can be purchased from Evil Empire aka @GSXRKID. Unfortunately they are not cheap.
Car looks good, right colour :wink:

Terry :sunglasses:


Its well worth signing up for full memebership and also getting the workshop manual on usb from the shop

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