Z009 National annual Z event

Hi all
8-10th May 2009 will see our annual national Z event,
Z008 was a benchmark of things to come with around 100 cars in attendance. 2009 promises to be even better with an expected turn out of cars closer to 200,
We have many different clubs coming too including, Japgirls, Skyline Owners, SXOC, Banzai, 350z and many more. We are also very keen to get a good showing of GT/GTO’s like we did last year so your all invited.
For more info go to

We also have karting challenge so if you fancy it just put your details on the contact form at z009.co.uk

Any questions feel free to PM me. Its a cracking event so don’t miss out

All the best


I went along to this last year and it was a really nice event - the weather was fantastic as well…a lot of lobsters walking around :lol:

It’s a nice, relaxing event where you can go along and have a bbq and obviously if you do the 2 days have a few drinks as well - turnout was really good last year too with some nice show cars turning up.

I got quite a few pics - i’ll post them up if there’s any interest

That would be good, nice to have something to show what went on.

Just a few pics that I took at Z008…I think as it was the first year, it was mainly aimed at 300ZX’s, but there were some Skylines as well





Would be good to see some GTO’s at Z009

Well it would be nice to see as many GTOs there as possible. You guys are very welcome to have a club stand there, that would be spot on.

If I’ve still got my 350Z I’ll probably go along to this, I nearly went last year but was actually in the throes of buying my Z back then and couldn’t make it.

The best thing is that it’s back at Billing, which is where it all started! :slight_smile:

Anyone else fancy coming along to this?

The event is also aimed at raising money for charity.

There will also be karting and for saturday night’s entertainment a couple of sumo suits have been ordered (should be a laugh).

Also I will be taking a lot of photo’s and the option will be there to buy some prints of your car at up to A3 size (these will be printed on the day) with the money for them going straight to the charity as well…we are hoping to secure an area that is free of other cars and people so as to get the cleanest photo’s possible.