1994 gto mr breaking prices added or offers taken

hi people

im am breaking a 1994 gto mr version with many hybird bits on it, its in blue i have many aftermarket bits on it and wanting it all to go i am giving you lot the chance to buy here before i put them on ebay i will be putting more post up on wot im am selling plus pictures

the body work is execellent expect the front bumper it got knocked and a bit off filler has pop out on the side by my garge bloke

aftermarket wheels refurbed £ 200
uprated brake discs not been used [color=red:277d3d859d]SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
intercooler uprated £200
turbos are good [color=red:277d3d859d]SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
mongoose exhaust = [color=red:277d3d859d]SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
uprated oil cooler £100
hks dump valve [color=red:277d3d859d]SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
leather seats in good nick [color=red:277d3d859d]SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
leather seats not in so good nick £50
6 speed refurbed gear box [color=red:277d3d859d]SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
private numberplate [color=red:277d3d859d]SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
glass headlights no marks perfect [color=red:277d3d859d]SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
side lights £10
knocking engine [color=red:277d3d859d]SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
bonnet plus other pannels only just got sprayed last year £100
starter motor £20
transfer box [color=red:277d3d859d]SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
alternator just refurbed £100
leather door cards £100
rear lights £100
blanks rear garnish £75
turbo mk 2 MR ECU
Door £100
Mirrors[color=red:277d3d859d] SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
Apexi boost controller [color=red:277d3d859d]SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
pannel £ depending on wot
car cover good one forgot the name tho[color=red:277d3d859d] SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
clutch [color=red:277d3d859d]SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
suspension br series [color=red:277d3d859d]SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
instrument panel [color=red:277d3d859d]SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
rubbers seals £ depending on wot
dash board good condition £75
radiator orignal £30
electric window motors £45
injection rail £ 20
rocker cover [color=red:277d3d859d]sold[/color:277d3d859d]
plenum [color=red:277d3d859d]SOLD[/color:277d3d859d]
ECU £300
Air bag ecu £80
air bag £80
speedo surround £15
wiper motors £15
boost gauge oil gauge and clock £20
and much more please try me

if you are interested in any thing or ono

codes for the care the following

chassis number: Z15A-0100 352
model number : E-Z15A-MJGF
engine number : 6G72
EXT : B34A
colour : B34
axle : W6MG13545

many thanks tony

all items are not including post and packaging


Has it got the optional LSD rear diff? It should have a plaque on it with B4H on it if it is LSD.

If so, 1st dibs please


its a hybird LSD B3H 3545 if that helps you

Yes please, if Andre doesn;t want it!!

hi Tony
you have a pm regarding parts

Would you PM me the chassis number so I can check on CAPS/ASA to see what bits were fitted on build please?
Many Thanks

How many miles on it? Please do tell about the condition of the motor and the drivetrain, any grinding gears or shifting issues?

Please email me the asking price for the entire drivetrain including the gearbox, transfercase, driveshafts and rear diff.

Also interested in the motor, and uprated brakes.

[email protected]


Have you got lowering springs?? if so how much for you shocks and springs? i wana sack my ECS off.

How much for the front indicators Tony? And out of interest, the intercooler too?


Tony Whats up with the car to make you break it Best wishes Phillip (silver surfer)

Buggered engine :frowning: :frowning:

Which i will be taking to 'long term ’ build it.

The car has 700 mile old BC fully adjustable coil overs as supplied by Mr Evil himself 8)


Yes please, if Andre doesn;t want it!!

Goddamn it!



The car has 700 mile old BC fully adjustable coil overs as supplied by Mr Evil himself 8)[/quote]

How much you want?? will they fit UK 3000gt?

Hi Tony
I’d also like to buy the BC fully adjustable coil overs and as mines a 94mr it should fit without any issues.
Plus if you have the top rad pipe for sale let me know :smiley: .

Hi Tony,
you have two pm’s from me one Wednesday and another today :lol:

[quote]Hi Tony,
you have two pm’s from me one Wednesday and another today :lol:[/quote]

There are no aftermarket gauges Marcus, and it has a FMIC kit that i will get photos for you at price mentioned today, you have first dibs. :wink:

The BC coilovers are sold to AndyK who pm’d first.


PS…this car has NOTHING to do with me, i am only helping Tony out after his miss fortune. Any sales will be dealt directly through Tony.

a??? i asked about the fmic :frowning: and the engine bay bling if any

Hi Elton,
Thank you sir and I shall leave it all in your capable hands.