1999 UK 3000GT Fully Serviced with MK4 kit


I purchased the car back in March as an unfinished project following a Cat D insurance write off. I was told the car was written off due to Bumper, Headlight and Front wing damage. These parts were either replaced or missing when I picked her up. My spare time goal was simple, restore the car back to its former glory.
As the car had no previous service history I have gone over the car replacing anything I found to be suspect or not up to my own expectations. Everything that I have done to the car I have either done to my own car or I would be happy to do to my own car. I am a fickle individual and I firmly believe in treating others how I would be expected treated myself, I operate the same philosophy with my own vehicles and vehicles that I work on.

Standard features of the car prior to my ownership:

o Genuine 56k miles, MOT history to confirm
o Private Registration – P66 COL (awaiting Valuation report, circa £500 - £1000)
o Black Leather Interior in good condition, only the drivers seat bolster showing usual signs of wear (not ripped) the leather gear gaitor is also cracked
o Late UK 99 spec Carbon dash inserts (ultra rare, only the 98/99 UK cars supplied, I was offered $1000 for these inserts alone!! )
o Cat back stainless steel exhaust system with Quad OEM style tips

I have completed the following work on this vehicle:

o 2 new front ABS sensors
o New Radiator
o Brake calipers stripped and reconditioned with new seals
o New Brake pads Front and Rear
o Discs Skimmed to remove surface rust and small lip
o 1 small Area welded - offside front sill Approx 2” area - no other areas of rust seen
o New Denso Double Platinum Plugs
o NGK HT leads (OEM HT leads available)
o New OEM Air filter
o New OEM Gates Thermostat
o New OEM Gates Timing belt Kit and OEM Tensioner
o New OEM Water pump
o New Fuel Filter
o New front and rear ARB Drop links
o New Front Wheel Bearings (Both)
o New Front Ball joints (Both)
o Replacement Oil cooler pipes from known good car, No rust, cleaned prior to use.
o New Aux Belts
o New Down pipe
o New Oil Cap
o New Battery
o All control arms and sub frame parts cleaned and painted where accessible
o Underbody previously treated with black underseal
o Underbody areas not previously treated have been done with black stone chip and whole car has been waxoiled
o Sunroof surface rust removed and re painted
o Fuchs Titan Race Engine oil and Bosch filter
o New Gearbox Oil Redline MTL 75w/90
o New T.case oil - Redline heavy shockproof
o New Rear diff oil - Redline 75w/90
o Front OEM Mk4 99 conversion
o Spot lights in bumper
o OEM Mk4 99 sail panels
o Mk4 99 fibreglass rear wing
o Boot lid flushed and black area removed
o Engine bay and Slam panel cleaned and painted
o Clear side repeaters
o New Wiper blades all round
o Wiper arms cleaned and painted
o TSW Wheels cleaned and painted Anthracite Grey, 4 Good tyres
o New Number plates
o MOT – 12/10/2018 (Proper MOT not a back hand job!!!)
o Everything electronic is in full working order (except the Aerial) A/C, ECS, 4WS, Cruise Control, Windows, Mirrors, Sunroof etc.

The car is 18 years old so is not 100% perfect listed below are the known issues:

o Drivers seat bolster slightly worn but not ripped
o Gear Gaitor worn
o Gearbox fill plug leaking, sealant added to prevent leaking but not 100%
o 4 small dents on car body, estimated £200 to repair (dent removal company)
o Aerial doesn’t fully extend but does fully retract, Radio still picks up signal as normal

Cold Oil Pressure

Hot Oil Pressure

£10000 ono

Just joined, interested in a car on here
Looking for first car

now on ebay



Nice, clean, clinical, informative and honest advert Paul.

Good luck with the sale.

Tracie :dog:


IF only i had the money! :sleepy: That is a great looking car, and looks like its been well looked after!

Good luck with the sale :+1:


Thanks, it is a lovely car.



Added to gtouk fb page for sale with link Thanks Dave


Thanks Dave.

I am willing to take a part ex or swap for a diesel estate or saloon, A4 / A5 size wise etc



DON’T SAY THAT!!! I have a Passat diesel estate that I am getting rid of…


You know you want to!

@Paulw I would px my passat estate but if I turn up with another GT car I think a divorce for 2018 is on the cards :joy:



Nissan Elgrand 3.0 did …
full service history in japan so I’m told… goes like the clappers


What’s an elgrand?



Ye a passat is on my radar.



Like a gto but bigger…:joy:


No thanks Dave, I’ve got the mazda 5 for my practical stuff now. That will be going too once I’ve got a Diesel estate or similar.



Lovely car and a bargain in the grand scheme of things.



Lol only joking it’s currently not going anywhere… when I said “like a gto” I meant broken :joy: last thing I want is another one…who you think I am @jerry_SC :astonished:


Still for sale. Open to offers around 8.5k.

Or p/ex with audi A7 black edition tdi.



I’ve seen this in the flesh, it’s a cracking car! Paul’s done a great job on it!


Car still for sale. Private registration now removed.