97 3000 Gt SOLD!


1997 R GT Twin Turbo

Well known club car going back over 15 years

Bought as a non Runner , replacement engine fitted along with in part

Full Cambelt Kit
Oil cooler and lines
Re cored uk spec turbos
Fmic intercooler

Full list can be seen on receipt below

Distinctive Rothmans livery that grabs attention wherever it goes , ideal for the upcoming show season , wheels recently refurbished , robbo mod headlights and clear indicators complete the look

Drivers seat suffering usual bolster wear due to faulty seat motor when I bought it , motor repaired and switch replaced , easy repair or bucket seats can be fitted in theme with the look

Body work has age related marks but sympathetic to the livery

Thousands spent getting her back on the road

Mot until May 2019



Moving this post to the bin where it should be :sob:


“Buy it Buy it Steve” as Tracy keeps bellowing in my ear ole. Sad to see this for sale post, but there should be no trouble in getting what you want @CDMH, it commands respect just by the look of it buddy. not even taking into account what you have spent getting it to this level.



Yes I did there’s no other I would love for His n Hers, sadly can’t be.

But a car doesn’t make a friend Craig :heart_eyes:



Now listed on eBay


That’s a bargain, hope you get as close to the asking price for it.


Thanks fella, pretty slow going so far


Sensible offers accepted if anyone fancies a punt


Can’t click like because she is a beauty and would hate to see her go, but you have a plan, for your family that she won’t step up to as a family car, so kind of understand it in that way and good on you Craig thinking about family holidays, Ciaran is still young and that family time is important, when he’s all grown up and Dad is boring and old and you want him to play, he won’t :rofl: You can’t get these years back, so enjoy, you can come back here with another when you are as long in the tooth as me and @stevie


Hopefully by that time I can play with his girlfriend instead :joy::joy:


Can only say the same really as @Tracie
Myself having kids what I class as late in life means some times you have to give up the thing’s you love for a little while in the name of family.

You won’t be missed because I know you will still be part of the team in some form or another.

We say it over and over again… your In this family as long as you want to be…
Even when your not… these club year’s create friendships for life :purple_heart:

Roll on the next mid life crisis… we will still be here… probably :joy:



That long eh? :thinking:

Terry :sunglasses:


Button it you :joy:

Tracie X


Price lowered to £5250


Have you put it in GTOUK FB Classifieds @CDMH? Can’t see it there.



Gumtree has worked in the past for me too mate :+1:


Well she’s been on sale for a month and not one offer or contact even dropped the price

Obviously still too expensive , graphics putting people off or past mot history .

Shame really as driving wise even with the mileage the gearbox is as sweet as a nut .

Will wait until the listing ends then decide my options of which I have 2

1 , remove fmic and bits of cosmetics under the bonnet then fire her into an auction and sell the other bits separately to pull some cash back

2 , tear her down completely , not ideal as it means I’m left with the car while I can’t use it


I’d go with option 1 then put it as an ebay auction. Breaking one is cut knuckles with nothing nice to show for it at the end

You could do with adding some better pictures of it, IMO, especially of the interior.


Option 3 cheap re-spray make it a a1 stock car… someone just paid 10k for one :thinking:


Option 3.

Put some For Sale signs in the windows, bring it up here and I’ll drive it around for you to see if we can gain any interest :rofl::rofl: