97 3000 Gt SOLD!


Option 4 swap for an n/a auto better for towing… a bike … ive got one


Breaking one is a piece of cake though mate , been there done that .

Spending anymore money on her isn’t an option unfortunately .

Interior pictures is interesting , nothing fancy in there though so looks like any other gt/gto


Thing is though Craig, if I’m looking at an advert and there aren’t any interior pictures, I automatically assume it’s got a naff interior, or wonder why there aren’t any, so maybe James has a point.

There could also be a buyer out there that hasn’t got a clue what an interior of one of these cars looks like if they haven’t had/seen one and think ‘Wow’. Obviously not on here, but wherever else you have it up for sale.



People still want that, lots of pictures sell as it helps people imagine themselves driving it. Plus small details like the wheels that you have had done and stuff like that. Probably a comment on rust wouldn’t go amiss either, I know it’s what I look for now!

Breaking is ok, but there are a few being broken at the moment so unless your parts are either rust free or very cheap they don’t really sell (I’ve found out!).


I would also recommend removing the graphics (great for a show car but even things like viper stripes are an acquired taste!). Get some good interior photos as suggested, and also some of the underside if it is in good condition.

The mileage is quite high which might put some people off, but do you know how many miles the replacement engine has covered? It would be worth mentioning this as I am guessing it’s lower than the vehicle’s mileage.

Perhaps also list out some of the more pricey parts you have replaced, since you have clearly spent a lot of money on it!

Good luck with the sale!


I’ll agree with @npountney Graig especially regarding graphics not everybody’s cup of tea !


Problem with removing the graphics is it will need paintwork , which once spent won’t be recouped ,

So option 2 is the likeliest outcome .


Option 4!!

Buy a car cover, park her up for 12 months then put her back on the road realising what a mistake it would have been to sell her.

I’d go with that myself





Nice idea Steve but I need another car sadly


do what I have done! I bought a cheap run around £500 while I try yo find time to get her back on the road


I got a 55 plate 1.7d Civic, great little car does just fine


I need a good sized load Luger for the family when we do our devon trips sadly

So decision made

I’m going to take off what I can , put her into an auction , if that doesn’t hit reserve it will be pulled down for parts

Saved her from the scrapyard and gave 2 years more life


If you were to remove the livery and sell with the standard bodywork as is so the buyer knows what to expect for the asking price. It’s good that the important maintenance is all done, which anyone in their right mind will pick over a so-called ‘low mileage barn find’.

I’m sure in the right time it will be sold, niche cars like these are things that people/enthusiasts ponder about having but are scared off by stories of big bills, long periods on axle stands, and the SWMBO element of buying these cars.

Avoid pricing it too low, it will only attract the ‘best pr1ce M8’ idiots plaguing that segment of the market.


The barn finds do make me laugh tbh , everyone clambers over them yet there would be a reason it was abandoned in the first place

Still a stigma attached to these and most people want to grab that cheap bargain which we know are far from it and end up costing an arm and a leg


Who did that? Oh wait…me

I’d take the livery off and just show what it needs too


Have a read above James , livery won’t come off without having to repaint


So it’d take the paint off?


What is quite frustrating is, Steve and I have both known you a long time and know how particular, pedantic, fussy, anal, all of the above in the best possible taste :grin: you are with your vehicle repairs/upgrades, whether that be your GTO’s, L200 or Scooby, you’ve never cut corners. Proper fussy :joy:

Yet this can not be portrayed in an online advert to people who don’t know you from Adam.

We personally would snatch this up if we had the money but at the moment we need sadly to focus on a new van for work.

Good luck with it Craig.



I don’t know how long the decalshave been in, but I would expect a machine polish would do the job after removal would have it looking good.