97 3000 Gt SOLD!


Well Eleanor goes to auction tomorrow fully loaded , did think about cherry picking some parts but they might be the difference between a sale or not

That will have a 2 week window , if she doesn’t hit reserve then the only other option will be to pull the spanners out

Time that I close the chapter on gto/gt ownership


:sob::sob::sob::sob: good luck.



Hope that works for you Craig, could give the sale the kick it needs.


Good luck mate :+1:


Good luck with the sale mate.
Fingers crossed for you.


Now in the hands of the loonies drunkards and timewasters


Remember not to get too excited when you get 30 watchers Craig they’ll all be GTOUK members :joy:

Good luck with the sale ‘said with a sad face’.



Well bidding has started :wink:


Get ready for “I’m on my way to see it, will you take a bag of tesco value prawn Cocktail crisps and this 2004 Honda civic that is most likely stolen”


God damn I do like prawn cocktail crisps , that is tempting


You seem to know Dave Perkins well :rofl::rofl:


Hate this being on EBay worth so much more.



It is Tracy , sadly though it can’t sit around for ever not being used , which yes I should use it but it would be for the sake of it , last year it would have been out at every meet if it had of been ready , this year things have changed .

Hopefully though it gets saved and can bring enjoyment to a new owner for a few years .

Will find out in 9 days time , still with what I have planned I don’t think I will miss it :smiling_imp: Just have to make up the shortfall somehow


You never recovered from breaking your first love, you tried other avenues and a car you thought may push your buttons, it didn’t and you came back, but despite how you tried to make Eleanor beautiful, which she is that love wasn’t there any more.

Sad but true.



Yup broke one of my own rules , never go back

There’s a reason you moved on in the first place and you will never recapture that moment


Buy an auto :rofl::rofl::rofl: good for towing


Ditto really, made a big mistake myself.
At the time I thought it was right but it’s not… I just can’t get that feeling back myself so I know…

Can tell by the way you enthusiasm was at the beginning, maybe we kinda pushed you there, apologies for that.

Not much more that I can say other than enjoy your next move… :heart:



Nah nobody pushed me Dave , I’m a big boy I know what I’m doing , I definitely got that wow factor back when you turned around in the car park , the scooby just didn’t do that , the truck did because it was huge and red lol just attracted pikeys and rednecks .

I thoroughly enjoyed getting her back up and running bar a couple of moments , in the main though swinging is something I used to do day to day and missed , so having the chance again was great


I never got my moment in the first place :sob:


Naughty naughty @Tracie , my names not mick :joy::joy: