97 3000 Gt SOLD!


Had some lovely messages today , first asking what gear knob it is … ignore

How bads the oil leak ? Told him where it was coming from , am I sure it’s not the head gasket , yes I’m positive , does it smoke on overboost and is it an oil seal as his gto does that :thinking: Not the one he’s selling though but the one he’s just bought …WTF

No my car doesn’t smoke

In future use the forums don’t ask sellers questions if you don’t plan on buying

I can do nice 70% of the time because I have too , don’t be in the last 30% I get very pissed off very quickly and you will get offended :joy:


70% rehab is definately working :joy::joy::joy:



Just over 24hrs left to grab what I think is an absolute bargain





You’ve got a few bids on there Craig, I’d imagine they are all now waiting for the end, that’s what I do, put a bid in to test the water and then wait, rather than increase mine as it only pushes it up.

Good luck with it tomorrow even though it’s sad day.



Lets hope it pops up to the reserve buddy,

Good luck mate.



Watching and got my fingers crossed mate.
Would say hope it doesn’t hit the reserve, but I know it’s going either way.
Hope the usual last minute bids pushes it right up there for you.


Well sadly she didn’t hit the 3.5k reserve so will be broken down for parts , will sort an inventory later


Such a shame, she was a steal at that price.

Sorry for you (and her) Craig :cry:



Hi i have see it on ebay and it’s not met reserved.
But very sadly people don’t buy good well know car.

Because they are idiots and love to buy rubbish car or which is need a lot money need to spend.

I have see all other car has gone up in price and sell very highest price.
But why our cars don’t sell as they are even classic car but still don’t sell alot price.

Our cars gto is like to go very cheap in price but why.

I suggest before breaking you put on classic car websites or on auto trader or motor.co.uk
At £4000 buy it now no offers grab a bargain.

Give it one more go before breaking.
I also buy and sell cars but on ebay it doesn’t sell for a lots money as it’s auction site.

Wish you best luck hopefully this time it must sell.


Been up for long enough now raja sadly


Try and contact the highest bidder and see if he/she is willing to pay the reserve? Or try a bit less outside ebay that way it will save you the fees.
Jerry :grinning:


Yes ture.
What if you advertise on usa website or dubai car websites as people who are from abroad may be at cost price.
In these countries it have bit high value.
Try in copart auction or asm auction.


Not being funny mate but no way would I trust a Saudi or USA bidder , I’ve lost track of the amount of money I’ve inherited from my African uncle in a village I’ve never heard of all they want is my bank details :joy:


Sorry to hear this mate. I hate to say this but I’d be interested in a few bits and bobs.



I was highest bidder :rofl::rofl:


Spat my coffee when saw this😂


Yeah that’s the problem offering it to Colin


Got to help your mates out :wink: I was trying to get bidding going


That’s defo a nice gesture.
And it definitely deserves the reserve price plus more it’s a shame really.
Jerry :grinning:


I honestly cant believe it didnt sell Craig

I have customers telling they have paid well over 6K for their MK2 and still needed to spend on them to get them running right !