97 3000 Gt SOLD!


You know how I feel about her, would have loved to have seen her sat behind young man Hulk but sadly funds didn’t allow that.

Whatever, however this sad journey ends Craig I hope you will stay with the Club, you may do for a couple of years but you will always be our freind.

May find you in the Jag Club when we can afford one as Steve has always loved his Jags in life before Hulk. Funny similarity there.



I’m gutted for you :disappointed:


May be a glimmer of light yet at the end of the tunnel , see how it pans out


Yeah good luck with it Craig whatever happens, be good to see it stay in one piece, Gumtree, you never know?


Cheers Jerry , no more advertising , this is last chance saloon so I will see what happens


That’s a shame, wished you popped down to the combe this weekend mate might have been the ample chance to find a buyer we could have put the word out (just an idea) Anyway on another note got the banners today so thanks for sending them :+1: :hugs:. I’m sure you’ll get a good result in the end either way!.


Move down the tunnel quick Craig, the light will get bigger. Seriously though I’m gutted it didn’t sell, wish I’d had the money.

Terry :sunglasses:


Hi wait till birthday bash day or good Japanese cars show events.
And get it bid start as wheeler dealer did on black old mini.
They took it to mini 50 bash day and have auction it and sold it.

Or if you start breaking that i may be required some parts.

Like maf sensor with wire connection as mine is damaged wire and idle control
Probably drivers side leather seat if it’s better than mine.

Spare wheel.

Blue dress pipe for vacuum

However I going to sell my gto also but before selling i want everything to be mint as i have problems in back and left leg so need automatic as can’t drive manual for too long.
Got Nissan 300zx automatic which i am going to start project.
300zx in my profile picture which i have bought it.


It’s just about an 90’s Japanese performance that isn’t a MK4 Supra or R3x GTR will default to the £3k mark to casual buyers looking to take a punt at these motors, regardless of the real world upkeep costs. Ebay and gumtree will mainly attract this sort of buyer and grossly distorts the market for good GTOs/3000GTs.

I would if possible play the long game until a buyer who is better informed is on the look out for a fast Japanese sports car that doesn’t need ££££ just to pass a legit MOT.


Deposit taken this evening once videos of exterior , engine running and interior had been sent .

One step closer


goodo a result​:+1::+1:


When’s jerry_SC picking her up mate :rofl::rofl:


Jerry couldn’t handle Eleanor , too feisty for him , he likes fair Japanese maidens , not fire breathing ■■■■■■ , what I wouldn’t give for a blast in my old one when she was on form , now that could pick up her skirt and get a move on



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